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OMG: Trump’s ‘WALL’ Failed to Stop a Tunnel — Border Patrol Says They Couldn’t Have Anticipated It

It is not like I want drug smugglers to succeed in getting their shit into the United States. But my god is this ever justified, so much so that I wonder if they did it just as a message.

It is not “just” that smugglers tunneled under the big beautiful wall that Mexico didn’t pay for and doesn’t actually exist. It is that the administration’s statement said no one could have anticipated it, that it’s a completely new development:

Okay, just permit me this once: Bwahahahahaha.

How many damned times have we watched the news and seen that the B.P. (spelled “Boarder Patrol” by Trump in an earlier tweet) found a tunnel that was not just effective, but had a subway or something running through it?

I am done laughing because only the irony and the statement are funny, not the fact that we’re spending ungodly amounts on something so obviously stupid, and not that drugs will continue to pour into the country.

Here is a fact: Drugs turn up in super-max prisons all the time, too, the most secure areas of the nation, walls everywhere. Who could possibly think that a wall could work to block drugs or people from entering the U.S.? Not a warden, obviously. Has no one in the administration ever seen “The Shawshank Redemption”?

What are they going to say next? That no one could have anticipated that someone might take a row boat around the wall in the ocean? No one could have anticipated that someone might tie drugs to a balloon and floated them over the wall? It is a completely new development that someone brought drugs in their car? No one ever anticipated loading a suitcase on a flight from Mexico City?

Oh, my.

Oh, and I suppose it should be mentioned, while we’re here: There is no wall. There is some new fencing, and a some improvements on some fencing that was already there. Jeez, I hope that the smugglers don’t buy some wire cutters, that would be a totally new development right there! Yeah, or just pay a border patrol officer to look the other way, something radical that’s never happened before, who could ever have anticipated that? Certainly not the Border Patrol that often doesn’t announce when it happens.

I am not even experienced in smuggling stuff. But I did sleep in my bed last night, so I might have a leg-up over whoever wrote that press release.


Peace, y’all


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