Pompeo and US Delegation Stunned by Hostile European Reception, ‘Ignore the Tweets!’

We wrote yesterday about Pompeo’s Munich security conference speech that was met with cold dead silence. Now, we have a Politico report on the American reaction to the hostility.

Trump administration automatons are so immersed in their own Fox world, where MAGA heads cheer everything, and the only feedback from the top is effusive praise, everything is “the greatest,” that these people no longer recognize reality. These administrators were stupefied upon taking their MAGA show on the international road, where they were met with indifference, opposition, and outright hostility.

Pompeo and other Right Wing lawmakers lost their true north upon receiving the coldest shoulder.

The U.S. delegation attending the Munich Security Conference were “dumbfounded” by the hostile reception they received from world leaders which included more than a few speeches that were highly critical of the policies of Donald Trump.

Imagine the discomfort in hearing the truth, the stuff that isn’t allowed to be said within this country, unless one is the “enemy,” the Democrats.

This is the gold:

 “In speech after speech, whether in public or private, European leaders lamented what they perceive as the U.S.’s disengagement from both the region and the world at large,” the report notes. “German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier opened the conference — one of the largest annual gatherings of political leaders, military chiefs and top diplomats from around the world — by accusing the Trump administration of ‘rejecting the idea of the international community.

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When “America first” morphs into the more dangerous, “America only, and fck you, too” the difference can be felt across the globe, and the fact that it is shocking our leaders is telling. The Trump administration believes it can dictate its terms on our (former?) allies because of our “strength,” the only quality that matters to them. They do not recognize that there are many different types of “strength.” Obama’s charm and sincere care for, and interest in, others was a “strength” that afforded the U.S. greater latitude and loyalty among our European allies.

The reaction to Pompeo reflects the toll Trump’s aggressive, often abusive, rhetoric toward European allies has taken on the relationship,” Politico reports. “Even when confronted with facts that disprove the narrative of American disengagement, European officials simply don’t believe it. In private, U.S. representatives tell their European counterparts to ‘ignore the tweets,’ but that’s proved to be a tall order.”

WHY THE HELL SHOULD THE EUROS IGNORE THE TWEETS? That is how Trump communicates! What they are saying is “ignore our president,” the these Europeans are far too sophisticated to fall for that shit.

What a bunch of flipping babies we have in government! Begging other nations to “ignore” our leaders’ infantilism. To what should they direct their attention? His speeches?

No, there will be no “ignoring the tweets,” and there will be no immediate repair of relationships should the nation have the good sense to boot Trump’s ass as far as possible from the White House come November. The damage is setting in.

I suppose it should not surprise us that we have inadequate and unqualified civil servants working in top positions, such that they wouldn’t recognize the damage they’ve done to the world. Working with such mediocre talent, it shouldn’t surprise us that they’d be oblivious. The Marie Yovanovitch’s are gone.

We can only hope that world events are such that the most shocking reactions are confined to a conference in Europe and not a violent event around the globe, after which our leaders are “shocked” to find we have few friends left.


Peace, y’all


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