When DNI Reported Russia’s Activity to Congress, Republicans Were Furious – DENYING IT, Our Own Intel!!

As if it were not bad enough.

Reports continue to seep out regarding the meeting held between officials from the Department of National Intelligence and the House committee on intelligence, made up – of course, of members of both parties.

I do not know why I had hoped that behind closed doors, without cameras around, the Republicans in the meeting might have shown more concern, or at least trust in the material. But Trump has so indoctrinated his cult (especially the House members) that they are incapable of hearing something detrimental to Trump, or “bad news” and just “accepting it.”

They fight it, it can’t be, this is their god! And they fight like morons! I cannot decide if they actually believe this, or just spit out what Trump has said out of habit, knowing it won’t get them in trouble:

The report continued: “‘The Republicans [on the committee] went nuts,’ over Pierson’s presentation, the member told The Daily Beast. A second source familiar with the briefing said that Republicans didn’t understand why the Kremlin would try to boost Trump, since he had been so tough on Russia, in their view. Reps. Brad Wenstrup (R-OH) and Chris Stewart (R-UT) — who according to The Times, has been a Trump favorite to replace Maguire — were particularly vocal in their skepticism, the member said.”

“He had been so tough on Russia.”

What do you think?

Are they so indoctrinated into the cult now that they actually do believe it?

I am not buying. They know damned well that’s not true, they know damned well why Russia dearly wants Trump reelected.

I think I know the reason they say it. Because they figure everything, literally everything, gets back to Trump eventually. Thus, parroting his words and his attitude is the way to stay in favor.

It is literally government by Saddam. But instead of worrying that they’ll be taken out behind the capitol and shot, they worry they’ll get a tweet that shoots down their political career, or possibly the “kompromat” that Russia may have on some of these Republicans could be released. (You don’t think Russia just steals Democrats’ emails, do you?)

I don’t know. I just know it is infuriating to hear “But he’s been so tough on Russia,” when that is like saying “But Trump is such a nice and giving person, he’d give his last dollar to help a guy out.”

Right now I am so sick of Republicans …


Peace, y’all


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