Jared Kushner is Making it Much Easier for Corporations to Get What they Want During the Pandemic

As we reported yesterday, Jared Kushner has Trump’s ear more and more, while Dr. Fauci is more on the outside looking in. Dr. Fauci doesn’t have the message that Trump wants, but Jared sure does. Perhaps it is Kushner who is most directly responsible for the push we hear to get people back to work, which we assume isn’t the advice Dr. Fauci would be giving.

As we reported yesterday, the big Silicon Valley corporations which have Kushner’s ear, those firms along with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce might have convinced Kushner and Trump that the government plan was “inefficient” or “insufficient” (for what?): Per the New York Times through Rawstory:

As the debate over the law played out behind the scenes, The New York Times reported, Kushner “has thrown out the established government plan for dealing with pandemics, after concluding it was insufficient.”

The previously “established government plan” would be the one made with the medical professionals at the table, directed at the realities of the epidemic. We can assume – given our reporting from Vanity Fair yesterday – that Jared is now wanting to cater more to business interests which could well be the basis of Trump’s new tweets talking about getting back to work.

Kushner and other aides pushed for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to take over for the Department of Health and Human Services in overseeing the response effort. Kushner and top economic adviser Larry Kudlow were also persuaded by lobbying from big corporations and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce against using the Defense Production Act, according to the report.

Yep. As we reported yesterday, the Chamber of Commerce was lobbying against using the National Defense Production Act, with which Trump could use to direct companies to make supplies that Americans need. Kushner doesn’t like it, and was persuaded by the Chamber of Commerce – say it again, Chamber of Commerce, which doesn’t want to have to be making shit to help people, they want to make their stuff.

Oh, and taking the matter out of HHS hands makes it easier to go around all those doctors at HHS.

Only Jared, could do it. Businesses know. They talk to Jared, and we’re seeing the direct consequences of Jared’s influence more and more clearly.


Peace, y’all


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