Geraldo Rivera and Dan Bongino Get Into an Utterly Bonkers Fight Over Trump’s Travel Ban, ‘You’re a Bullsh*t Artist!’

One might be forgiven for wondering if actual adults participated in Sean Hannity’s show on Fox Thursday night – the smarter of you will note that the same can be said of Hannity’s show on any given night, but this one was much much worse – Sean Hannity, Geraldo Rivera, and Dan Bongino ended up erupting and literally yelling at each other over … well, that’s the tough part.

We will need your help in determining what exactly they were yelling about. It definitely had something to do with the coronavirus, and definitely had something to do with China’s responsibility or lack thereof for the coronavirus, and … that’s about as much as I got on that one.

Rawstory can kinda help, with the transcript, though I’ll warn you, they appear just as confused as we are:

Bongino accused Rivera of spreading “Chinese propaganda” about the outbreaesek for criticizing Trump’s Oval Office address.

“Oh, don’t give me that crap,” Rivera replied. “What are you talking about? Chinese propaganda? You’re a cheap shot artist.”

Just for those keeping score at home, YES, that was Geraldo Rivera referring to someone else as a “cheap shot artist” – and no(!), the roof did not open up and no bolt of lightning scalded his head.

“Talk to the facts,” Rivera demanded.

You mean the fact that one cheap shot artist is goading on another cheap shot artist? No? Okay, which facts?

“You’re a bullsh*t artist,” Bongino shot back.

That part’s true! We just need to figure out to whom he was speaking at the time, including whether he was just talking to himself at that point.

“Can you make an intellectual argument about anything,” Rivera asked.

Not if he is trying to converse in a means you’ll understand Geraldo. And, actually, “No,” is the answer to that question whether he wants you to understand or not.

But wow, some fireworks on Hannity! I guess this is what happens when your man in the White House looks to be going down faster than your portfolios, and all those rubles coming from Russia to the hosts at Fox may get off – and they’ll be lucky if that’s all that’s cut off.

Oh, back to that virus originating in China and whether Trump seems to be using that as somehow making the virus even more vile – it’s a “foreign virus.” Trump seems to prefer the homegrown viruses, herpes for example, to name one that is “near” and dear to Trump’s … body. No one ever canceled an NCAA tournament because of the herpes virus, maybe a weekend in Vegas, but not an NBA season. And as Trump himself with attest (allegedly, if the people on The Apprentice are to be believed) Valtrex clears that one right up.

So why were grown men (sort of) on Fox’s Hannity arguing about the Chinese passport carried by the virus?

I really don’t know. Perhaps you can tell me:

Peace, y’all


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