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NY A.G. Threatens Legal Action Against Alex Jones: Must Stop Advertising That His Toothpaste Cures Coronavirus

Who knew?

Alex Jones has been telling his listeners that his product line of lotions, potions and elixirs (okay, it is cream, toothpaste and dietary supplements) fights coronavirus, indeed they can prevent or cure coronavirus.

I am really not sure why A.G. Letitia James would even give Jones a warning. He has been warned so many times on so many different subjects and he continues to broadcast his bullshit without remorse.

I am also interested in learning what sort of harm he has caused, other than depriving people of their hard-earned money. If someone has decided to “treat” someone with the product, and that person got sick because no one sought medical care, I could almost see some sort of negligent homicide or recklessness charge, certainly fraud. It would all depend on the facts, and what he’s been saying about the products.

It does tell you a little bit about the type of people who are listening to or watching Alex Jones.

No matter how repugnant the man’s actions with respect to his lotions, potions and elixirs may be in this context, they cannot match the utter inhumanity he showed in doing the one thing possible to make the lives of the parents of Sandy Hook worse, accusing them of being part of a government cover-up, implying that they faked it to get gun legislation passed.

Here is the real issue:

That is exactly what is going on, whether it is in the church pews where people are told that their souls are going to hell if they do not donate that last bit that was to go to the power company, whether it is donating to a campaign where Trump pockets as much as he can for himself, or whether it’s this guy, selling his “cure” for coronavirus.

There is only one audience for this type of thing in the United States, and none of them supported Elizabeth Warren, if you know what I mean.

One example?


In response to the NY A.G.

There are a number saying: “Says the baby killer,” too.

That is the crowd in the market for toothpaste to kill coronavirus.


Peace, y’all


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