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Trump Press Conference Descends into Praise for Himself and Viciously Lashing Out at Reporter

Trump didn’t appear well in today’s press conference, perhaps it is the stress – I will be kind. It wasn’t about his physical appearance (in fact the old boy looked about the same as always), but his monotone answers, and need to read the most obvious points, including whether or not the Senate was close to passing a bill, seemed to indicate his lack of interest in the details that didn’t involve him.

First up, the question on everyone’s mind? He had no answer at all.

He continued to say that this was unprecedented, no one had ever had to do what he is doing. But even in this time of “the nation coming together” (according to Trump), he couldn’t resist taking a shot at Obama. He said that our nation’s medical stockpiles are being replenished after being depleted, and then went on to say that our military had been depleted, and Trump talked about needing missiles and rockets, but we are now back to where we should be and so is our stockpile as is our medical stockpile.

As for the issue as to whether this is unprecedented?

Trump’s new thing is to bang on how well we’re doing with tests, meaning we have them and that we’re doing more each day.

He felt the need to continue to reference that many companies were having the best year that they had ever had before they got hit by the “hidden virus,” which wasn’t hidden so much as moving in the clouds without our radar on. It was another ode to himself and a shot at Obama, the person who rescued the country.

Trump then commended himself into the future, stating that from now on people will know how to respond to a disaster like this because of how well they’ve done managing this.

Trump came back to answer questions and whined that every country is out to get us by stating that they’re all aligned against us in trade – picking out one of our friends again – the European Union, taking advantage of us. Doing his duty per Putin, Trump said it was our allies that are the ones most taking advantage of us. He ended up talking about our military and NATO – somehow – and those other countries had not been paying enough, except now they are.

From there, his mood turned angry upon being challenged about whether this was an appropriate time to be blaming the media about coverage. Trump angrily went after the [woman] reporter (always) asking the question, and stated that there are people in the media who write fake news, pointing at one woman and saying “you do,” and then point to another as “she does,” again referring to it as fake news. Both times he pointed at women.


Oddly, there was a lot of background noise:

Trump seemed to lose interest after blowing up at the reporters and quickly dodged out of the room. In other words, in what would be a stop the presses briefing in any other administration, was just a ho-hum briefing now.


Peace, y’all


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