Trump Wants an End to Social Distancing by Easter (April 12th), ‘a Great American Resurrection!’

Fox News is holding a virtual town hall with Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and other members of the coronavirus task force, as thus far, it’s a whole lot of crazy.

Trump opened the town hall by discussing closing the borders and slamming Joe Biden.

Trump says his decision to close the borders to China was instinctive, not based on the recommendations of advisers. Nobody else was in favor, he said.

“Call it luck or call it talent, it doesn’t matter.”

Then he went after “Sleepy” Joe Biden:

Trump then compared the coronavirus mortality rate to that of the flu and automobile accidents as he justified the need to restart the economy.

Trump: the faster we go back to work, the better the economy will be:

Then Trump had to lash out at his mortal enemy…the windmill. You know, those things that cause cancer. Well, here Trump said they kill birds and ruin real estate:

Watch this, and tell me the 25th Amendment shouldn’t be considered. This literally makes ZERO sense:

Trump then reasserted his claim from Monday that thousands would die of suicide if he didn’t order everyone back to work:

Trump then attacked New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for not buying ventilators sooner, and used an article from right-wing conspiracy blog Gateway Pundit to prove his point:

Trump then claimed he wanted to end social distancing by Easter, which is on April 12 this year, to which host Bill Hemmer says, “a resurrection!”

I can’t even believe what I am watching.


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