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North Korea Once Claimed that #DiaperDon Trump has a ‘Dirty Body’ and ‘Nasty Smell’

Let us stipulate that in any other context, literally any other context, it would be horribly wrong to mock an older person’s issues with continence, muscle or bladder control, or anyone’s weight or attractiveness. Absolutely. None of us are perfect, we have all been embarrassed. It is a rigid rule, permitting no exceptions.

Except this one.

Donald Trump has such a horrific history of shaming people for conditions of which they have no control, whether it is ranking women with a number on their attractiveness ( or “that face!”), calling others’ cognition into question, making fun of disabilities, etc. etc., and with a chance that this man could still be reelected, it would almost be doing a disservice to the public if one didn’t point out physical issues with Trump. It might be the only way to get him to stop abusing others, lest the weight of the mighty blog fall upon him with great vengeance.

To that end …

We have had our fun as #DiaperDon circled the globe this weekend, and as interest in our story shot-up, our inboxes filled with “other” things noted about Trump over the last few years that now require further review.

Back in early 2018, before Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un had “fallen in love,” North Korea had some pretty specific comments about Trump after Trump had criticized North Korean human rights abuses. Of course, North Korean wrote in that typically understated, stiff upper-lip, style that everyone associates with North Korean media, but I do think that their point will get through, from Business Insider:

The paper then said the US should “urgently detain Trump” to put him in a mental hospital, before attacking Trump for his hygiene, which they apparently perceive to be bad.

“No matter how desperately Trump may try to defame the dignified and just system in the DPRK with the worst invectives, he cannot deodorize the nasty smell from his dirty body woven with frauds, sexual abuses and all other crimes nor keep the U.S. from rushing to the final destruction.”

Like I said, the North Korean press takes its cues from The Economist in its reporting. It needs a little pizazz, definitely. But they make their point.

So, knowing that North Korea truly does try to get under the skin of other leaders – an unfortunate metaphor in this instance – is it possible that North Korea had some intelligence about Trump’s physical hygiene? It does appear that they do have intelligence specific to his mental hygiene, but so does everyone. Televisions and phones can carry pictures and sound. Odors, not as much. This article was written in early 2018; Does North Korea have an agent in the White House? On The Apprentice? What do they know about Trump and when did they know it! National security is at stake, because Donald Trump is very sensitive to …

We will leave it to you to decide, while noting, again – no, it is not okay to mock the elderly who may have physical struggles that may lead to cleanliness issues – ever, except in this one instance. In this one instance you are doing a favor to those of us with all kinds of unique physical quirks that don’t fit Donald Trump’s idea of “peefection.”


Peace, y’all


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