Trump-Loving ‘Prophet’ Claims That Barack Obama Will Be Executed for Treason, ‘Obama is Finished!’

For at least the past year, self-proclaimed “firefighter prophet” and QAnon conspiracy fan Mark Taylor has been saying that former President Barack Obama will be arrested and executed for treason.

And he remains confident about that, even though Attorney General William Barr recently said it’s unlikely that Obama or former Vice President Joe Biden will face charges as part of an ongoing investigation into the origins of the Russian collusion probe.

This hasn’t dissuaded Taylor, however. Appearing on The MC Files, Taylor told host Chris McDonald that right-wingers should continue to have faith in Donald Trump and “the Q movement” and shouldn’t panic because “God said this stuff was going to happen,” Right Wing Watch reports. I’ve included a snippet of the video below.

“You’re talking about high treason,” Taylor said. “Treason in the highest forms that have ever been committed against this country. The DOJ, in my humble opinion, may not be doing that because of this very reason. Who does that get handed to when it’s high treason like this? It is a military tribunal. Why? Because it wasn’t criminal — it was an act of war. These are war crimes, basically. We are at war.”

Taylor theorized that Barr’s remarks “could be optics” and also said this may be an attempt by the Trump administration to “put the deep state at ease” before the military conducts the arrests.

“Obama is finished. Biden is finished. They’re all finished. They’re all going to prison,” Taylor added. “Some will be executed. The DOJ is not going to be investigating or even prosecuting at this point because it’s out of their hands, it’s out of their jurisdiction, it now becomes the military … The fact remains is that God said this stuff was going to happen. We need to have the faith that it’s going to happen.”


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