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Trump Slammed for Praising the ‘Good Bloodlines’ of Henry Ford, Whose Anti-Semitism Inspired Hitler

Because Trump routinely references things such as utilizing in-vivo bleach or a UV lightbulb shoved down someone’s throat, it’s easy to believe that he can’t form a thought subtle enough to get by someone, or that he’s so stupid that he can’t understand esoteric references, never mind create ones that could get by you.

Clearly, Trump is a different person on different days. Some days he’s literally mumbling so quietly and groggily that we at this site wonder whether he is deadened by Xanax. Some days he’s animated and up all night. Some days he pulls off a “reasonable performance” and there’s little to say.

You have to be someone charged with watching him every day to notice the difference and notice that on most subjects he is an uneducated and uninterested dolt, and on some issues, such as the election dynamic, his money, possible problems for him, he has a feral instinct and just enough knowledge to get by.

Yesterday he seemed relatively stable during the day, and he made some forced references to “bloodlines” – as Trump often does. He is fixated on the subject of “genes” and having “perfect genes.” (Remember his physical briefing? Have you ever claimed to have perfect genes? Required a doctor to say you have perfect genes?) The references to the “bloodlines” sounded so forced and out of place that it had many people wondering.

“If you believe in that stuff.” What does that mean?

The Hitler fascination is something we’ve heard before. We know it is one of the few subjects that interested Trump, as we have heard reports from Ivanna Trump – Trump’s first wife – that Trump kept a book of Hitler’s speeches by his bedside. I cannot recall anyone else mentioning a book of any kind which interested Trump and I have researched the man extensively. It is odd. He also used to reference Jared Kushner as “the Jew” behind Ivanka’s back when Ivanka was dating Kushner.

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He has a lot of authoritarian instincts, and he has also shown a dangerous fascination with conspiracy theories and the dark seedy underworld of international crime, where many of those figures tend to congregate.

That is the point. Very few make such references nowadays, especially tied to “if you believe in that stuff.” You can choose to blow it off, stating Trump can’t form a coherent thought, never mind a sly one. I used to believe he could not. I am no longer convinced.

He is uneducated, uninterested, and incurious, so he’s not likely to make an educated reference to something. But again, with respect to certain subjects, and in certain situations, he continually “drops” odd language that seems very forced to me. Like it was intentional.

We cannot prove what might have been in his mind, only point to what he said. Sometimes he says some scary things that really make you shake your head and pay attention. This subject is one that I take seriously, with him.


Peace, y’all


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