Maskless Trader Joe’s Customer Loses Her Mind After Being Told to Leave: ‘Democratic Pigs! All of You!’

It took the United States under Donald Trump to make the simplest and most effective means to slow the spread  – wearing a mask – a political act that calls upon the Trumpers of this country to do the one thing that they’re simply unwilling to do, think about what’s in someone else’s best interests. Or is that correct?

It is hard to know what the MAGA heads think when it comes to masks because masks don’t get talked about within the Trump orbit. Mike Pence had a press conference yesterday as head of the COVID taskforce and mentioned prayer four times, but didn’t say the word mask once. Some of them likely think they’re proving they’re tough by not wearing a mask, not knowing that one wears a mask to protect others, not oneself. Indeed, it would be interesting to know if the MAGA attitude is more: “F-You, I can choose to die if I want, I am going to breathe air the way President God does,” or “F-You, I can choose to breathe like President God even if it makes you die because that’s how we make America great again!”

It is probably a mix.

Perhaps we can ask this woman, the “Karen of the Karens,” or “Manager of the Karens.” This Karen isn’t happy to hear that Trader Joes wants her to leave because she’s not wearing a mask. Though you might presume that this was filmed in Gulfport or Plano, this actually comes from California, the Valley:

She has a breathing problem. Her doctor won’t let her wear a mask? If she had a breathing problem that is so bad that she can’t wear a mask, I guarantee her doctor doesn’t want her out cruising through Trader Joes, either. How odd that the woman with the breathing problem so bad that her doctor doesn’t want her to wear masks also hates Democrats.

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We love the “Democratic Pigs” at the end.

Yes, Karen, we “Democrats” love science and staying alive. If it were up to trash like yourself, you’d all still be trying to figure out why the “cold season” seems to be killing so many people this year.


This is why the United States is falling behind the rest of the world. Indeed we’re getting lapped, not that Karen noticed.


Peace, y’all
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