Red and Glassy-Eyed Don Jr. Says Polls are Wrong Because People are Too Scared to Admit They Support Trump

A glistening and shaky Don Trump Jr. took his noticeably red glassy eyes on Maria Bartiromo’s Fox Business show, to answer some very pressing questions about the fate of the Trump campaign. Don Jr. fought through whatever condition had befallen him (look at him in the video posted below) to do the Trump schtick that is too predictable. The truly remarkable thing about the interview (besides how awful he looked) was Junior’s lack of enthusiasm for the Trump campaign. One could see and feel the waning confidence in their plans, it was palpable. Junior seemed to be just “going through the motions” with none of the usual carnival barker stuff we expect from the Trumps.

Junior noted that the Republican convention is a long way away thus it is not particularly relevant to talk about how COVID might factor into their plans. From Rawstory:

“You know, I don’t think it’s too complicated to wear a mask,” he continued, “or wash your hands, follow basic hygiene protocols. We’re just going to do whatever we can to make sure that the people that are there in attendance as well as the people from the RNC and the campaign are safe, enjoyable and have an awesome time.”

When asked about the polls showing Trump getting his ass kicked, Junior had a uniquely Trumpian take on the problem:

“I’m not entirely buying it,” he explained. “I think there is probably a component of it that’s accurate because if you look at the coverage of these things, they’re trying to blame all on this on President Trump.”

Who the fck else are we supposed to blame the horrific COVID response upon? And who else gassed peaceful protesters?

He said polls can’t be trusted because people are afraid to say they are for Trump, the media makes it taboo. Always the world’s biggest snowflake, Junior, whined that the Trump’s are unfairly the victims of “cancel culture.”

Trump added: “The fact is, these days you’re not allowed to just be apolitical, you have to be woke. If you’re not woke enough, if you just want to stay apolitical, you get cancelled anyway. We’ve seen that cancel culture become very pervasive throughout society.”

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Don’t worry if you have no idea what Junior is trying to say. Clearly, he doesn’t either, just take a look at him.

But we save the worst for last, Junior had the temerity to complain that liberals were getting away with protests and behavior that created a double standard, saying “can you imagine if conservatives protested and took over city blocks …”

We don’t have to imagine, we saw conservatives take over state capitols, looking like U.S. special forces personnel, and no one arrested any of them, no one beat them, no one shot at them, no one cleared them out of the way, no one gassed them, and no one drove them out of the square to hold up a bible. Yes, we did see a double standard there and it’s not our imagination. The MAGA crowd protested with AK 47s, taking over state capitols because they demanded haircuts.

I suppose we should just be satisfied that Junior used English words that we could understand and didn’t drool on himself. But his lack of enthusiasm and effort, along with how he looked, said far more than the phrases that came out of his mouth.



Peace, y’all
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