Trump-Loving ‘Prophet’ Says the Protests Were Designed to Protect Obama From Being Prosecuted

Right-wing “firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor is a longtime adversary of former President Barack Obama.

He’s claimed all sorts of nonsensical things about Obama, saying for instance, that he will be executed for treason. And the Trump-supporting QAnon conspiracy theorist, appearing once again on Chris McDonald’s The MC Files (where he’s a frequent guest) is beating the treason drum again, claiming Obama’s legacy will be tarnished by corruption.

Of course, Taylor never provides any credible facts for this, but he sure does like to talk a big story. Which we’ve included in the video below.

“There’s another reason these riots are taking place, guys,” Taylor says. “Again, I was warning about this for four years — riots are taking place, it’s because … the first … this is not racist, this is just fact. They don’t want the first Black president being prosecuted and have his legacy destroyed when the corruption comes out. But it’s also keeping the truth from coming out. But there’s also a very real thing here, to try to put the pressure on the President not to prosecute the first black president. And I got news for ’em: nothing’s going to stop what’s coming for Obama. Nothing.”

But Obama isn’t the only person Taylor believes will be executed for treason. He’s previously stated the late Republican Sen. John McCain was actually executed in front of a military tribunal. And Taylor wasn’t convinced that former President Jimmy Carter received a black eye last November by falling down in his own home. No, according to Taylor, that black eye is a sign that Carter was involved in an Illuminati initiation ritual.

Well sure. Ninety-five-year-old former presidents do this sort of thing all the time. Don’t they?

My dad had a saying that I think fits here: “Don’t confuse them with the facts.” That seems to be true in Taylor’s case.

Who do you think is/was a better president?

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