Trump Rage Tweets That His Excellent Fox News Ratings are the ‘Real Polls’

We can guess that the only advantage of having an unfiltered president with a hyperactive Twitter account is that we always know what he’s thinking, nothing can sneak up on you. It is through Twitter that we know what really gets under Trump’s skin. He tells us.

Of course, nothing bothers the branding man Trump more than being branded as a loser, and what are polls if nothing but the score in the race between winners and losers? Lately one is hard-pressed to find any poll in which Trump is within single digits of Joe Biden. Indeed, the latest Real Clear Politics average now has Biden leading on average – across every poll – by over ten points. Polls are very much on Trump’s mind.

But there are other ways to keep score out there. Trump the branding man is also Trump the television man, and Trump loves to talk ratings! High ratings are a great way to separate winners from losers, and Trump loves separating winners from losers. Trump ignores the fact that the news outlets had “high ratings” in the days after 9-11, and that “Monday Night Football ratings” are the last thing you want when you’re botching the entire pandemic response.

But since Trump doesn’t have good polling to which to point, he’s only left with ratings, and he wants everyone paying attention to his ratings!

Yeah, okay, and?

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Interestingly, when Hannity (with those great ratings) asked Trump about his plans for a second term, Trump had all the time he needed to talk about the SCOTUS, the 2nd Amendment (which isn’t under attack, though it should be), the Green New Deal, tax hikes … none of it. He talked about “experience” being a word.

Perhaps that is why despite such huge “ratings,” his polls are diving below the deck. When he is on TV to get those great ratings, he plays the role of the loser that can’t articulate why he should be president.

Perhaps we just figured out the problem and the correlation.


Peace, y’all
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