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Unhappy in the WH, Trump Wants to Find and Prosecute Those Responsible for ‘Bunker Boy’ Story Leak

On the one hand, it is shocking. On the other, it makes perfect sense. Donald Trump’s aides are getting to the point that they wonder if Trump actually wants to lose in November, having already set-up his bogeymen, the media, China, “leftists,” “stolen,” etc. etc.

According to a new report out in the New York Times, the challenge of COVID, the economy, and the racial strife have made the job hard and rather thankless for Trump and he’s shown signs of wanting out, to enjoy his riches.

According to the New York Times:

It was only in April that the seriousness of the twin health and economic crises caused by the coronavirus fully set in with Mr. Trump, several current and former aides said, adding that they were no longer confident he was enthused about presiding over the difficult task of pulling the country out of a recession, with few moments of glory.

He is a lazy, lazy, lazy, man who has always only been interested in making money, in our opinion, and thus it fits that, given Trump’s lack of interest in any larger policy goals, outside the nebulous “MAGA,” it would make sense that this is now more work than joy, and Trump wouldn’t have any issue with losing in November. According a source who knew of Trump’s interest, it was always only in “winning” the presidency, not “doing it.”

“In private, Trump was interested in winning the presidency,” said Sam Nunberg, who worked on Mr. Trump’s campaign in 2015 and was an adviser to him before it. “Over a three-year period between 2012 until 2014, he was focused on the details and even the minutiae of the primary and the general election process. It was always clear that Trump wanted to be elected president. But the reality of being president was never discussed.”

It sounds like an obsession with the glitz, title, perks, and ability to make money, but not the job itself, which is reportedly a grinder that never ends, and only interesting to someone with an overriding desire to do some good.

Inside the White House, some staff members described the president as lonely, with few people he enjoys talking to, and several staff members said morale was at its lowest point since the early weeks of the administration.

Who knew that the early administration period was that bad? Though, it makes sense. Early on would be when it occurred to Trump that this was going to be harder than he thought, and he worried about “outside” things taking him down. The same things he’s worried about right now.

Another interesting tidbit from the Times story is that Trump is consumed with leakers again, and wants to find and prosecute the reporter responsible for the humiliating “bunker boy” story:

Mr. Trump has also become consumed, once again, with leaks from the White House, demanding that officials find and prosecute those responsible for information getting out about his trip to the bunker beneath the White House during unruly protests.

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