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Conservatives Say Melania Trump Was ‘Sending a Message’ With Her ‘Drawings’ Dress on July 4th Weekend

During Independence Day celebrations at Mount Rushmore, First Lady Melania Trump wore a white dress emblazoned with black scribbles that were supposed to represent human figures, the right-wing QAnon theory-obsessed like Liz Crokin and so-called “MAGA life coach” and broadcaster Brenden Dilley drew their usual disjointed conclusions.

Crokin posted a ridiculous tweet in which she suggested the images on Melania’s dress were “inspired by drawings of victims of sexual and/or Satanic Ritualistic Abuse.”

The dress — called “Dancing Girls” is from the Alexander McQueen spring collection and the figures were drawn by design students from Central St. Martins in London, Right Wing Watch reports. Crokin herself could have found out if she’d spent two minutes to Google the information. But apparently concocting weird-ass theories is just more fun for her perhaps.

But Dilley, who’s often said “he doesn’t give a fuck about being factual,” is the one who takes the credibility cake. He echoes Crokin and goes a step further, suggesting that Melania Trump wearing the dress somehow has something to do with the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, a close associate of Jeffrey Epstein. Maxwell has been charged with sex trafficking.

Referring to a post from “Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children,” a right-wing account on Instagram praised Melania Trump for being “so fucking ballsy and courageous” for wearing the dress to the Independence Day Celebration.

“It is a dress designed by Alexander McQueen using sketches drawn by victims of child sexual abuse to describe their feelings,” Dilley says. “The First Lady is incredible. That is ballsy, Okay? Melania Trump, I always highlight the fact that she’s graceful and brilliant, and kind, and elegant, but one thing that I probably need to highlight more frequently — and I’ve done it a couple of times, but not recently — is how fucking ballsy and courageous that woman is.”

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Then Dilley really releases the flying monkeys.

“She is sending a message to the deep state,” he says. “I refuse to believe that Melania Trump just happened to wear that dress two, three days after Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested, and it’s been now reported that she is participating and giving up names and information of all the people involved in the pedophile sex trafficking, and Melania wears that dress? I do not think that’s an accident or a coincidence.”

All this excitement over a dress that looks Melania’s husband got drunk and attacked her with a sharpie. Amazing. Perhaps people like Crokin and Dilley have way too much time on their hands.

Watch the video below.

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