Today’s Insane Trump Lie Has the Internet Howling: ‘Obama Played More’ Golf Than Me

Trump’s staff must have said something last night to him about the visuals of him playing golf while the country falls apart due to the new record-setting COVID numbers and the lack of hospital space in some major cities. He awoke this morning and instantly started attacking the media for reporting on his golfing. And of course, because it is Donald Trump, he infused the entire thing with lies.

Sigh. People that exercise do so to stay physically fit and sharp. A good half-hour on the treadmill or forty-five-minute high-repetition weights can do wonders for a person. Obama did his workouts early in the morning before work.

No president, ever, has played more golf than Trump and it’s not even close. Moreover, Trump bills the government in his golf outings. He bills the government carts, for secret service meals, and finds other ways to make money at his own clubs.

But none of that matters right now. We would gladly pay him to play golf if he’d arranged for someone to lead a charge on COVID. We are in a state of emergency, and Trump can’t see it. Yesterday should have been devoted to phone calls and video chats with various mayors and governors, coordinating the federal response to the new epic numbers. They should be considering new laws regarding lockdowns and masks. More economic relief is desperately needed. Instead, he played, and no one cares how “fast” he plays. (We suspect it’s not all that fast, either.)

That’s not all on Trump’s mind this morning:

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He worries about monuments while the country dies and kids cannot go back to school. Ten years? That’s an infinitely longer percentage of time served than Roger Stone. We all know, one cannot divide by zero. This is what Trump cares about, monuments. Instead of threatening people who are reckless about COVID, he is threatening people about monuments, ones that aren’t even under attack.

He has time to praise people who think he’s great:

Silent majority? Straight back to Nixonian days except even Nixon knew there were limits. The most corrupt president in history continues to dive lower.

His big beautiful stupid wall? We always remind you, it isn’t a wall, it’s a fence. It is a fence primarily in places where there has always been a fence, just not one this big. We don’t know how many miles are here or there because he’ll lie about anything, including official statistics. We do know that Mexico isn’t paying for it.

The country is falling apart. No one would know by reading Trump’s stream of conscious tweets. We will see how he reacts to the morning shows today.

Trump’s tweet about Obama golfing more than him had the internet howling:


Peace, y’all
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