Trump Caught in Very Embarrassing Picture Showing What Appears to Be His Shoe Lifts

We will never know the depth of psychosis to which one needs to plunge to believe that shoe lifts that raise someone from a height of perhaps 6’1 to 6’2.5 is worth the danger to one’s posture, spine, or susceptibility to a fall. But evidently Trump sees real value in it because the rumors are true.

This explains how it is that one could be so terrified of a small incline (though women seem to handle it just fine). It could also explain some of the pictures with the weird forward-leaning stance that some ascribe to frontotemporal dementia.

But there can’t be any doubt any longer than the man wears “high heels.” (He would love it described as such).

Busted. There is no getting around that one.

Again, what is the benefit here? Some of us are of medium height and maybe wish we were a couple of inches taller, had fifteen fewer pounds, or that we had beautiful light brown skin. We attribute the fact that we don’t to “being human,” and move on to find value in ourselves and others that isn’t attached to physical appearance.

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Not necessarily. The posture that some ascribe to FTD isn’t necessarily mutually exclusive from the high heels. Others point to the problems Trump has sitting – how he never sits back with a leg up, always looks like he’s on the crapper.

So in some ways, the sitting posture indicates at least as much as the standing posture (from the perspective of simply pointing to odd traits that may indicate something more), and the tongue out of the mouth is associated with all kinds of neurological problems and medication issues.

What’s strange is that Trump is probably 6′ tall. What’s wrong with that? This lie of him being 6’3″ is so easily checked…just take a look:

Anyway, he’s totally busted on the shoe lifts, the proof is undeniable and right in front of us. What a sad man.


Peace, y’all
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