Trump Flack Insists Americans ‘Undoubtedly’ Better Off Than in 2016 and Even Fox News Isn’t Buying It

Apparently even Fox and Friends, and Brian Kilmeade – of all people – have their limits as to the stupid things they’ll allow the administration to claim on the air. Kilmeade called out Hogan Gidley – a man every bit as shameless as Kayleigh, just not quite as sure of himself in his righteousness – over the claim that we’re better off than four years ago.

Mediate brings us the transcripts:

“The president wants to go in there and talk about all the accomplishments he’s done in his first term and how he has made people’s lives better,” said Gidley. “It answers the age-old question: are you better off now than you were before? The answer undoubtedly is yes.”

Okay, wait wait wait, before we even get to Kilmeade’s response, that claim should disqualify Trump. It demonstrates just how oblivious Trump either “is,” or is willing to appear. As we’ve said before, it’s really difficult to tell if Trump actually believes the assertions that things are “great!” or whether he’s just doing the Trump con again. Either way, it’s insulting and shows he just fundamentally doesn’t care.

Again, even Kilmeade got it:

“Wait. With the pandemic, you know the growth is not there. You know that unemployment is still 11 percent. So you can’t really say you are better off than you were three years ago. Because, at the very least, the pandemic. So you can’t really say that, right?

Yes, well – admittedly, there is that. Our kids were in school four years ago, people had more jobs, the economy was shooting up, not down, and we were led by someone competent enough to at least keep us neck and neck with the rest of the world.

Gidley, though, had his instructions and made an ass of himself:

“No, absolutely, of course you can say that,” Gidley said, undeterred. “Because, listen, this global pandemic hit all of us. Not just here in this country, but all across the world.”

He is right, of course, and it’s the fact that every other country is kicking our ass in fighting it that gives us the evidence that we’re in such bad trouble. IF every other country was fighting huge spikes like this, we’d have to consider that it was inevitable and hard to fight. Instead, we got the opposite.

“This economy is roaring back,” Gidley added.

This administration has an odd definition of “roaring back.” Moreover, there is more reason for pessimism about the economy than optimism, especially with Trump at the helm. But don’t ask Hogan, or Trump, because we’re told that it’s all a mirage, we actually are better off than four years ago.


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