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Trump Had a Big Ol’ Makeup Mishap Today and the Internet is Laughing Hysterically

Oh my.

Let’s think of all the things Trump has bumbled over just the last few days.

He had the very weird leg-swaying thing going on in North Carolina yesterday, always his right leg, which could mean a lot of things, none of them good. He had a press conference in which he advertised for Kodak, again talked about the virtues of hydroxycloroquine, said that a black Bloomberg reporter looked like “Mike Bloomberg,” said that he didn’t bring up Russian bounties on US soldiers in his phone call to Vladimir Putin, and was driven out of the press conference by a legitimate question concerning demons and aliens.

He doesn’t need an own goal right now. He is going to Texas, a state that has been brought to its knees with COVID, and a state in which he’s running side by side with Joe Biden. Texas! He is going to Midland, with an unemployment rate of 13% and will surely talk about the strong economy that is coming again, just as soon as … he isn’t really sure, he just knows that if everyone took hydrochloroquine and went to work, the country would be better.

But his trip to Texas already has a problem. He looks like a dick. Again. You gotta expand this picture up just a bit to see it in all its glory, or gory, detail:

Oh ouch!! Please, for the love of god put a mask over that man, and have it cover damn near everything. As you might imagine, the net went nuts:

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