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Trump Humiliates Himself With Very Obvious Makeup Line, ‘Our Mentally Challenged President!’

So, we’ve already reported on the total makeup fail earlier in the morning, and we actually have some reticence about returning to it here, and we wouldn’t, except he somehow found a way to make it worse. And we’ll get to that and show you the picture, but for now there’s another story here that needs some focus.

Trump is so “Trump” that there is no one around – apparently – to grab the man and say “Dude, Sir, you look like a damned jackass and those guys at PoliticalFlare.com are going to be all over you if you don’t somehow blend whatever that shit is on your face! Have you seen the tweets, you dumbass, “Sir?”

Truly, it is indicative of a problem and we can prove it. What if President Obama had spilled some coffee on his white shirt and it looked like brown sweat? Does anyone doubt that someone would go up to him and say; “President Obama, you’re going to want to change your shirt, and I’ll even give you mine, if needed, because that doesn’t look very good and … you know, Breitbart and all.”

Would President Obama have an issue with that? Do you know what Obama would say? “Thank you, you’re right.”

But with Trump, everyone around him is so afraid to say anything that Trump can come out with a true mask – just a makeup one, not a viral one – and no one on the helicopter or whatever will say “You might want to …” because they’re too afraid. And if they’re too afraid to say that, how is anyone going to say anything about “Tone down the racism,” or “We need masks to win,” or “The Russian bounty thing is bad, we have to protect our troops.” No, they won’t do it.

So he ends up looking like this, and we end up looking … like a country with a deranged president:

Oh, come on, man!! That is just so awful!

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You know what came next. And first, check out this morning’s picture, and how it devolved during the day. This is the picture we used this morning.

We wouldn’t put it up, we check for photoshopped pics and never publish them.

Whether it is someone real (perhaps a Democrat) or he does it himself, is not the issue. It is the fact that no one is there saying “Whoa. Hang on, boss.”

Yes, it is clear that he’s not right. But we’re not sure the makeup is the strong evidence. He could be sane and do this just as badly. He’s incompetent at everything else.

No one said anything. That is the problem.

Twitter is truly having a field day:


Peace, y’all
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