Trump Starts the Day with Dangerous Tweetstorm: SUGGESTS DELAYING THE 2020 ELECTION

We previously reported that Trump is in full panic mode. The last few polls didn’t just show him trailing Biden badly, they showed him trailing badly in states like Arizona, Michigan, and even Florida – yes, Florida, and not “just barely,” within stealing range, but over six percent. Republican pollsters at the Lincoln project have said that Biden needs to win Florida by eight points to win the crooked state (who would know better than Republicans?). That eight point victory is now realistic if the vote were held today.

Speaking of the Lincoln Project, one of its organizers has a warning for you before you dip below.

And we can dive into Trump’s desperate attempt to set up his own rigged victory by again railing against “mail-in ballots.”

Yes, he is talking “delaying the election.” This is what fascists do. They delay norms during an emergency. The emergency never passes and emergency measures simply become the new reality. Trump won’t likely get away with delaying the election, but the fact that he wants to tells us everything. He certainly is experimenting in moving around “troops” to put down protests:

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We move on to Trump’s terror of mail-in ballots, which are far harder to manipulate (so long as the post-office is running well, which it may not be.)

Paper mail-in ballots are more accurate and make it far less likely that a foreign power can operate to steal the election. Absentee ballots and mail-in ballots are the same thing.

Exactly. If we “delay the election” some states will start talking about succeeding, at least until the United States regains some control of itself.

As someone said, “We’re supposed to open businesses and go to school but we can’t have the election?”

Trump is terrified that the virus flaring up again is going to shut the country down again – and we should, because that is our only way out until we have a vaccine. So now he’s trying to scare us by saying it won’t work. Don’t believe the rest of the world.

He wants to make us look less bad by pointing to other countries’ problems. This is just a distraction. He knows the nation isn’t looking at the rest of the world right now.

This has all happened before poor John Lewis’s funeral even starts, an event in which there will be three ex-presidents and not one current one. He has more important things to do, like tweet his ass off. There will be many more this morning and we’ll update.


Peace, y’all
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