White House Officials Say Weasel Jared Kushner is ‘Slow,’ ‘a Moron’ and ‘Not Very Bright’

A controversy is brewing between conservatives close to the Trump administration over whether Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law is disrupting the president’s agenda, according to a report from The Spectator.

Apparently they are divided as to whether Kushner’s intellect or his agenda is causing the divide, but either way, they are certain its causing problems.

“Trump has a Jared problem,” said one conservative who works with the Trump administration on immigration issues. “Jared is a total f**k-up. Everything he touches turns to lead.”

Kushner has been described as a “moron,” “slow,” and “not very bright” by some officials who have worked alongside him at policy meetings, and they say he was often confused by the nuances of immigration policy, even when it comes to the details of his own proposals, The Washington Examiner reports.

Some sources also contend that Kushner was stumped by questions about chain immigration and the diversity visa lottery, which were a highlight of the 600+ page immigration package that he’d spearheaded.

“He presents as someone very knowledgeable and in the know until he faces questions,” noted one official who attended a briefing on the immigration plan. “He goes off the record on deep background, so people don’t realize he’s a f**king idiot.”

But then there’s the other side of this coin, with others who are close to Kushner saying he’s an astute businessman who has negotiated a number of successful policies that led to additional miles of his father-in-law’s border wall and bipartisan coalitions that are touting the First Step Act, something that Trump supports.

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There are also some, however, who claim Kushner is vindictive and purposefully sabotaging Trump’s agenda because he has an ideological agenda of his own. Who knows? Maybe this is the case, and it would make Kushner seem almost human if this is the case.

“The depths and lengths Jared is going to stab Trump in the back [are] quite profound,” said one person. “Trump’s been burned by Jared so many times.”

In dealing with the death of George Floyd, White House staffers were apparently divided over the stance the president should take in regards to the violent protests and looting that erupted in the aftermath. Kushner and two of his staffers, Ja’Ron Smith and Brooke Rollins tried to tell him not to act aggressively, warning this could alienate Black voters. That wound up with Trump supporters, including Fox News’s Tucker Carlson excoriating Kushner for the administration’s response to the violence.

“What’s their agenda?” one official who’s a Kushner associate, allegedly asked, apparently questioning the motives of those in the Carlson camp. “Are they trying to give the president options, or do they have a preconceived determination as to what they think the policy should be? The job is to go in there, present the president options, and then let him decide what he wants to do. He was the one who was elected … these people weren’t elected.”

But more than a few people also say Trump’s supporters frequently scapegoat Kushner because they simply refuse to blame the president because they refuse to believe their president isn’t their champion,” another source allegedly said.

“It’s easier to blame Jared.”

What we really have here, for the most part, is mere speculation. Neither the Spectator nor The Washington Examiner name the officials listed above, but owing to how Kushner and others in the administration, including Trump himself, have handled policy issues, coupled with the coronavirus situation and the ongoing racial strife, none of this is really a huge surprise. But perhaps this will encourage readers to do their own research so that they will be well-informed when they vote these people out of office in November.

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