‘Why Trump Might Quit’ is Currently Trending on Twitter and the Evidence is Brutal

Regular readers of this site are very familiar with our premise, that it is 50-50 that Trump will still be serving as president on July 31st. The only reason that we keep repeating it, and people support us in it so strongly, is that the reasoning cannot be stated enough. Four things are happening all at once, all related, one of which is so shocking as to be treasonous:

There has never been a more shocking and terrifying revelation regarding a president betraying Americans which happen to be American soldiers (!), to his own benefit and the benefit of an adversary in Russia (perhaps now enemy). Second, the revelations, and the continuous drip of intelligence which include new details emerging daily, make it clear that people with incredible power within our government are exposing a traitor that they are committed to driving out of office to protect their country. Third, these revelations are coming out at the same point in time when Trump was already in free fall in his campaign, voters are turning on him for totally fcking up COVID, failing to meet the moment and lift this nation one more step toward racial justice, he’s already a threat to the GOP senators up for election, and thus already down near double digits in the polls. Last, Trump’s ego cannot suffer a landslide loss, his fortunes and his future are all that ever mattered and both are threatened. The threat includes a SCOTUS case already a bit overdue, one that could force him to expose his financial records which he needs to hide at any cost. The GOP convention is in August, and he will be told that July is the latest that he can slide out of the ticket.

We have published our conclusions before, though perhaps never that concisely. Evidently, we’re not out on a limb with this analysis, as Twitter has exploded with a trend, #WhyTrumpMightQuit.

Most answers are just regular observations regarding Trump’s hopelessness. Some are more profound. All reach the same conclusion.

It is still conceivable that the GOP will drive him out of office, in part over betraying our troops. But it won’t be a principled decision. IF Trump were up 5 points, this would be explained away. Indeed, Lindsey Graham is still explaining it away. But it’s possible that for some, this is the final straw.

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Yeah, they are honing in.

At some point, Trump outlives his usefulness to Putin and suddenly becomes more of a liability. Putin may be looking over the scene and determine that helping Trump cheat in an election that Biden wins anyway will result in the entire West basically going on a war-footing with Russia, crippling a Russian country already crippled by corruption.

Marines honorably pledge their lives to the unit, the corps, the country – if and when it’s revealed – with evidence convincing them and the other military branches, that Trump sold them out, nothing – nothing (!), will ever get their support again.

It is true. Self-protection as much as anything. He can state that he has an undisclosed medical issue. State that he’s succeeded (he always does in his mind). State that the Democrats will be “so unfair to him that he needs a pardon, so does his family,” and walk out the door. It could easily be his last act to protect that ego.

No, he’s maximizing it already. But he’s not necessarily maximizing the money. He wants a media empire to be his legacy. He will cater to the MAGA media.


This is basically it. If he fears losing, and he must, he will make it on his terms, so he looks like a “winner.” Instead of a landslide loss, for the rest of his life he can say he would’ve won. He would probably threaten to run again.

Very good sign to see it trending.


Peace, y’all
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