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Trump Campaign Knowingly Accepting Contributions From Notorious Neo-Nazi and Other Racists

In 2017 Trump infamously credited participants in a white supremacist march in Charlottesville, Virginia, as “very fine people” and as the 2020 presidential election looms, his campaign is doing something that’s equally disgusting: accepting thousands of dollars from a rabidly racist neo-Nazi leader and other white supremacists.

The neo-Nazi leader in question, Morris Gulett, has done stints in prison and in the meantime, set up an extension of the Aryan Nations, also called the Church of Christ Christian, in Louisiana. He likes to claim his group is the “most feared and revered white supremacist organization the world has ever known.” The Trump campaign has purportedly accepted cash from this horrible man, whose website (now offline) has promoted white Anglo-Saxons as “the supreme ruling race.”

“We believe that the White, Anglo-Saxon, Germanic and kindred peoples are the direct descendants of the Adamic man made in the image of YHVH (Genesis 1:27), and were placed here to be the light-bearers and supreme ruling race (Deuteronomy 7:6, Deuteronomy 28:10) of this lost and dying world.”

The website has also claimed “miscegenation and integration” are “an abomination to He who created us.” Gulett has also said he would celebrate Black History Month “when every Negro becomes just that — history.” Well, my, isn’t he just clever?

And Gulett is so rabidly anti-Semitic that he’s claimed: “every Jew is the literal child of Satan and is the natural enemy of the White race, the Children of God.”

I don’t have enough words to describe how disgusting Gulett is. I also don’t have enough words to describe how disgusting the Trump campaign is. There just aren’t enough words to do that. But the fact is, on at least 29 separate occasions, all the way up until March 31, 2020, Trump’s campaign has accepted at least $2000 from this man, writes Judd Legum, for Popular Information. He cited information from the Federal Election Committee (FEC), which keeps count of such transactions.

And Gulett has also donated to the Republican National Committee, to the tune of at least $626 between August 2018 to June 2020. Some folks might wonder if the Trump campaign is aware of the donations or of Gulett’s background. But the campaign was, in fact, made aware of this by The Forward, a website that covers issues important to Jewish people.

As if this weren’t bad enough, the Trump campaign has received the maximum donation from Peter Zieve, a notedly racist businessman in Washington State. Zieve was sued by the state for his open discrimination against minority applicants, and for imposing racist views on his employees. In a February 2015 email, Zieve called immigrants from developing countries “repulsive” and “didn’t want them around me.” In an email in October of that same year, Zieve also said “381,000 terrorist savages have gotten into Europe so far this year and if we don’t make more babies the light will out on civilization.”

He has since settled the lawsuit for $485,000 and agreed to curb his offensive conduct but then turned right around and donated the legal maximum amount to openly racist Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Mass.), who said she’d sit in the front row during a lynching. When the donation was reported by Popular Information, Hyde-Smith returned the money.

The Trump campaign has received donations from scores of white nationalist organizations and individuals, including Timothy Mellon, who contributed a whopping $10 million to American First Action, the approved super PAC of Trump’s campaign. Mellon has claimed, “Black Studies, Women’s Studies, [and] LGBT Studies” are “meaningless tripe designed to brainwash gullible young adults into going along with the Dependency Syndrome.”

The fact that the Trump campaign accepts donations from individuals like this is a clear sign that race relations in the U.S. will undoubtedly worsen if he is reelected. It’s an ominous sign of things to come. It’s time to remove this racist-in-chief before the country deteriorates even further.

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