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Trump Suddenly Has a Big Ol’ Bald Spot on His Head and It Has Everyone Talking

With so much intense news coverage out about some very sobering things happening both yesterday and today, it is good to pull back and bit and just heap some completely gratuitous and useless scorn upon Donald Trump. There is plenty of time to break down COVID, Beirut, the economy, all it, later.

Just take a break for a second and instead of trying to figure out what’s going on inside Trump’s head, let’s attempt to figure out what’s going on at the very top.

In Monday’s news conference, the one in which Trump spent twenty minutes talking about developments in “tele-health” and a bunch of other topics that no one particularly cares about, while avoiding the ones we do, Trump was seen to have … something different, and wrong, in his famous weave up top. It looks like he very suddenly grew a bald spot.

To be fair, no one suddenly “grows a bald spot,” it is just that – perhaps due to COVID – some people are having a harder and harder time keeping up their hair. Some of us cut our own hair with clippers, and maybe Trump no longer has anyone to weave good-hair in? Tough to tell, but the bald spot is very much in evidence.

Well, fair enough, everyone else is having trouble with their hair, why not him? And it is even more fitting that he is a man who has gone to such huge lengths to keep that matt on top, and yet hardly any lengths to keep COVID out of the country. Had he simply exerted as much energy in fighting COVID as his bald spot …

Never mind. People aren’t impressed:

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