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Former RNC Spokesman: Trump is ‘Insanely Reckless … Absolutely F*cking Appalling’ — Worst Presidential Act in a Lifetime

The reverberations from Trump’s rally last night in Nevada are just starting to ripple out.

It appears that most of the country didn’t know that Trump planned on holding an indoor rally last night in Nevada, indeed even the media only began reporting it earlier in the day yesterday. Now people are reacting with horror over what he’s done, putting thousands at the event at risk and tens to hundreds of thousands who will come in contact with those people. It is a cascade of risk that runs all the way down the line to the ICU physicians, nurses, janitorial staff, respiratory therapists, all the brave people we rely upon to pick up the mess and take care of the stupid people that attend a rally that represented the single most reckless decision in presidential history, according to ex RNC Spokesperson Tim Miller.

Miller wrote an article in the Bulwark, entitled “Trump’s Reckless, Atrocious, Deceitful, Rally” in which he said:

This latest public-health monstrosity came on the heels of the president, at a separate maskless gathering earlier in the weekend, mocking his opponent Joe Biden for having followed responsible social-distancing protocols.

The rest of the world is still being cautious and thus allowed to reopen parts of their economies due to the fact that they actually handled the pandemic like adults. Meanwhile, our president is busy trying to endanger more people. Williams did note that the rally was boring and very much like a fat, aging, lead singer mumbling through 30-year-old hit songs. But that didn’t make it any less atrocious:

But it is important to take a moment to shake yourself free from the blunting effect of the orange Trumpian film that has subsumed our daily lives. Seen with fresh eyes, the Henderson rally was truly a shocking and unimaginably wheels-off undertaking given that it came amid a pandemic that is still killing a thousand Americans a day …

Still killing one-thousand Americans a day and this is the “president’s” response.

Everything about it was fucking appalling. In fact it was so appalling that it would stand out as the single most appalling and reckless political event hosted by any presidential nominee in my lifetime before yesterday by a long shot, if you just didn’t count anything else that Donald Trump did.

Miller then goes on to lament that Trump numbed the country to such an extent that virtually none of us are capable of feeling appalled at anything Trump does. The fact that we now expect this type of reckless behavior doesn’t make it any more acceptable, nor justifiable. It is appalling.


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