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Fox News Doctor Suggests, Who Zero Evidence, That Joe Biden May Be On ‘Speed’ or Adderall

President Donald Trump has frequently claimed that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is using some kind of medication to improve his debate performance without ever providing any sort of credible evidence, even stooping so low as to claim Biden will get a “big, shot in the ass,” and be “better than ever before,” for a short while, while speaking at a campaign rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Of course, he’s used these asinine claims to demand that Biden take a drug test before the debates, and on Monday Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight in an attempt to lend a measure of authority but instead offered up wild speculation, alleging Biden is taking Adderall and/or speed, The Daily Beast reports.

Unsurprisingly, Carlson, who regularly suggests Biden is declining mentally, ate that right up, mocking him for accidentally saying nearly 200 million Americans had died from coronavirus. In actuality, 200,000+ Americans have died.

“Who’s his dealer?” Carlson asked, snickering. “A lot of people are asking this question.”

Carlson played a clip of Trump accusing Biden of taking performance-enhancing drugs and then challenged the former Vice President to take a drug test before next week’s presidential debate. Then he turned his attention to Siegel.

“Tucker, imagine if President Trump said that, imagine how the wolves would be all over him if he made anything like that mistake,” Siegel said. “And the word, of course, they use to cover this is ‘gaffe,’ but I have to tell you, it’s time we stopped using the word ‘gaffe.'”

This from a man who tripped over himself with praise for Trump’s so-called mental “acuity” all because Trump was able to repeat “person, man, woman, camera, TV.”

But Siegel, who admitted he’s never examined Biden and said he doesn’t “have a clinical diagnosis to make” offered up a diagnosis based, he claimed, on his conversations with neurologists.

“And I want to put forth some ideas tonight, they’re not proof, they’re not even theories,” said Siegel. Who also put forth earlier this year that the “worst-case scenario” for the coronavirus would be the seasonal flu. “But back in 1988 former Vice President Biden had two aneurysms clipped in his brain using surgery, surgical techniques, and he had a bleed. Studies show a 50 percent long-term cognitive problem.”

Of course, Siegel doesn’t cite the sources for these “studies,” so for all we know he’s just talking off the top of his head. He also suggested without providing evidence that Biden may have suffered a silent stroke because he deals with atrial fibrillation (even though Biden’s doctors have declared him ‘healthy and vigorous.)

Despite this, Siegel’s speculation went from wild to wilder.

“So now, President Trump says, ‘You know, we should have drug testing before debates,’ and I’m thinking why would be saying that?” He told Carlson. “There’s a study that shows that for people who have mild cognitive thinking or memory problems, you know what helps? Speed.”

“You know what helps? Adderall, a drug that I prescribe,” Siegel added. “These drugs can help in low doses for short periods of time.”

He wrapped that up by comparing Trump’s demands for a drug test to attempts made by the Olympics and other professional sports venues to stem doping because “they want to make sure nobody takes advantage.”

It’s funny how Siegel never mentions Trump’s gaffes, which are frankly, legion. Nor does he mentions Trump’s slurred speech or his obvious coordination problems.

Funny how that happens.

Here’s a comical reminder of Trump’s biggest gaffes — just for fun.

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