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Ivana Trump Says Daughter Ivanka Could Be ‘First Woman President,’ ‘She’s Smart as Hell, She’s Beautiful!’

In a Monday interview, Ivana Trump said she believes her daughter Ivanka could “definitely” become the U.S.’s first female president because she’s learning from her father, President Donald Trump, The Hill [1] reports.

“She’s in the White House every day. She’s next to her father every day,” Trump, 71, said on the British talk show Loose Women, noting Ivanka, 38, is serving as one of his top advisers. “She knows all of what is going around.”

But by working alongside her notoriously hamfisted father, Ivanka Trump is learning how to do everything wrong. She’s not learning how this country’s economy works because her father has bollixed it up so much and we are now on an economic [2] losing streak as the world weathers a recession spurred [3] by the ongoing pandemic. To be fair, that’s not all on Trump, but daddy dearest has also badly mishandled [4] the coronavirus situation in the U.S.

And because Ivanka seems to be following in her father’s footsteps, this is kind of worrisome. Sort of. There’s a part of me that hopes that once her father leaves office, most people will be so sick of this family that this won’t happen.

But her actual mom, Ivana, compared to her stepmom/sparring partner [5] in the White House, sings her daughter’s praises.

“She’s smart as hell. She’s beautiful. She’s au courant (“aware”),” Ivana Trump said. “And how much more can you have?”

Not to be outdone, the president has also supported the idea of her daughter running for president, having done so at a reelection campaign rally last month after dissing Vice Presidential Democratic nominee Kamala Harris.

“They’re all saying ‘We want Ivanka,'” Trump told the crowd. “I don’t blame them.”

Yeah, well, they can have her. A truly capable woman like Michelle Obama, for instance, would blow her right out of the water politically. And the Trump family can crawl back to their tower from whence they came.

Here’s the interview with Ivanka’s gloating mother below.