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Jared Kushner Enrages Americans by Bragging that it Took a ‘Businessman’ to Handle COVID So Brilliantly

We have reported on several occasions that Jared Kushner takes it as a given that all smart people are in business, making the maximum amount of money they can shove up their collective asses and down their greedy gullets. He once addressed COVID in an interview and defended Trump by saying (paraphrase) “Look, we have business peopleĀ in this White House, we hold people accountable …” The intelligence community has commented on the fact that Kushner looks down on all of them as dumbasses because they have less money than him – they’e stupid, Obama’s people are stupid, everyone but the billionaires are “stupid.” This all coming from the kid has had everything handed to him after he graduated from the college to which his dad paid a million bucks to admit him. We should point out that Ivanka married a guy just like dear old dad, who also got everything handed to him.

Speaking of stuff handed to him, this “senior adviser” with a security clearance (he couldn’t even get THAT on his own), is going to lecture America on who can do what, and that Trump’s business background means that they have worked miracles when it comes to COVID.

Listen to this entitled piece of leaking botox because Jared is about the business of rewriting history:

Yeah, Trump is the first person everyone thinks about when considering “creative thinking.” Trump may be creative in getting his ass out of trouble, but he isn’t applying any of it to getting the country out of trouble. This was the guy who was setting up COVID testing at every CVS parking lot, remember?

How did that work out, smart businessman? The fact that he will even open his mouth about PPE is beyond atrocious. Last, this is the guy who told Trump to leave COVID up to the blue states and then blame the governors. He’s culpable for a lot of death.


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