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Jaws Dropping Across the Country After Matt Gaetz Inadvertently Admits Trump Obstructed Justice

Matt Gaetz is not a smart man.

As he has done innumerable times, Gaetz did a self-own for the ages. But this time, deliciously, Gaetz also managed to make his own hero, one Donald Trump, look awful in the process.

To get everyone up to speed, the current rumor/theory running through the MAGA head community right now is that Mueller and his team destroyed a bunch of cell phones at the end of the investigation. Now, we are in no position to comment on the assertion except for a few general observations. One, someone trustworthy – we don’t recall who – asserted that the FBI regularly destroys certain evidence once an investigation is complete and it’s for the protection of the accused. The FBI doesn’t want people’s dirty laundry exposed for others to find and exploit. We are not positive as to how that might play out with cell phones but it’s conceivable that they destroyed the phones because they may have contained texts like: “Thanks for the pic of Trump being mounted by a goat but that’s not a crime given that the goat consented. Check with PETA.” One can see legitimate reasons for making sure that stuff is destroyed.

Second, there may well be sources and methods on those phones that the Mueller team didn’t want to be revealed and that might be true of near all FBI investigations, too. Third, it is hard to imagine the FBI gathering up phones at the end of every investigation and perhaps – given the division between the special counsel’s office and DOJ – they didn’t want their thoughts accessible to those remaining in DOJ, like Barr. It actually makes perfect sense. Last, let’s all agree that Robert Mueller, forty-year veteran of the DOJ, would not in a million years have allowed his team to do something blatantly illegal that would get them all in obvious trouble. IF the phones were wiped or destroyed there is a reason and it didn’t break the law, at least not in any way that we’ve seen established.

None of that matters to the MAGA heads. To them, it’s just further proof that the players whoย cleared Trump on the Russian collusion charge are also clearly out to get Donald Trump. This kind of irreconcilable position isn’t an issue in MAGA world. They’re quite adaptable. These are people that believe the Democratic elite eat babies.

So Matt Gaetz took it upon himself to lash out at those awful Mueller people and he wanted to play down all that talk about Donald Trump obstructing justice. He did it Gaetz-style.

Let’s measure!

It takes a Matt Gaetz to not realize that he just admitted that Trump obstructed justice. Because we in the law don’t worry about who did more than who. Yes, cops often do commit crimes. But that doesn’t necessarily make the suspect innocent. There is room in prison for both sides.

As you might expect, the internet had a field day:

Jesus, these people.


Peace, y’all
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