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Lincoln Project Releases Crushing Video: Trump Is Horrible Role Model For Kids

The Lincoln Project has produced another barn-burning ad Friday that called President Donald Trump “a horrible role model for our children and an embarrassing ambassador for democracy throughout the world,” The Hill reports. He’s a shoddy role model for kids unless of course, you want them to become openly misogynistic, racist, and xenophobic liars. Because that’s who Trump is.

And let me tell you, this new ad by the Lincoln Project, scores a direct hit.

“Donald Trump’s cruelty and callousness is not up for debate,” said the Project’s co-founder, Jennifer Horn, in a statement released with the video. “Time and again he’s shown us who he is: a vindictive narcissist who lacks compassion and empathy for the American people.”

In the new minute-long video, titled “Goodness” we see a son telling his mother about his homework — in which he is required to write about “what I want to be when I grow up.”

“Maybe you just want to be a good person,” Mom replies.

But then the son says it needs to be a “job” that “you get paid for” so the mother suggests several positions, including one as U.S. President.

“You would be a very good president,” mom says. “You would have to be a good person first.”

Right about then the video cuts to an image of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden as a voice says “It’s time for decency.”

In the press release, Horn lists a number of statements Trump has made and argues a president must be “a leader, have integrity and intelligence, act decisively, practice accountability, and empower others, but perhaps most importantly: our president must be a good person.”

I don’t remember Trump doing any of these things, or being a good person, do you?

Horn continues:

“Whether he’s defending white supremacists as ‘very fine people,’ calling women ‘disgusting’ or ‘fat pigs,’ or insulting the intelligence of well-respected Black leaders by calling them ‘dumb’ or ‘low-IQ,’ it’s clear that Trump’s stunted emotional growth has left us with a schoolyard bully for a president.”

This video is just the latest in the Lincoln Project’s well-coordinated efforts to (hopefully) remove Trump from office. George Conway, who’s also a co-founder of the project, tweeted on the anniversary of 9/11 that he considers Trump “the greatest threat to the security and safety of Americans.”

Here’s the brand new ad below. Kudos to the Lincoln Project for doing this.

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