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Meghan McCain Goes Full MAGA: Says She Was ‘Radicalized’ by Democrats BASELESS Charges Against Kavanaugh


We have tracked the Magafication of one Meghan McCain, a sworn enemy of Donald Trump but increasingly, a sworn follower of everything Trump and the Republicans are trying to do. At this point, we wish that she would just come out with it, say “Fck it, I don’t like Trump but the alternative is the Democrats, so give me my red hat.”

We wonder if she has any memory of two important things. One, she reveres her father to the point that it’s almost unhealthy (but we’ll give her a pass on it), and one of her father’s last votes in the U.S. Senate was to vote down the repeal of the ACA – a Republican dream. McCain voted no on repeal not because he opposed the repeal of the law so much as he opposed the process, done on the fly, no hearings, nothing. He begged for a return for “regular order.”

So we ask Meghan, is it regular order to refuse a vote for Obama’s nominee for ten months but jam through Trump’s in a little over one?

Second, we wonder if it ever occurs to her that there might be some relationship between the fact that the policies she’s advocating are supported by the very people that detest her father’s name – spit on it, and call him a traitor? Does she ever consider the fact that there might be a reason these policies are so appealing to a certain type of person?

Meghan is all for pushing Trump’s nomination through and she’s using the Lindsey rationale, because the Democrats were mean to Kavanaugh.

Meghan McCain says that the hearings on Justice Kavanaugh “radicalized her.”  Evidently, McCain was deeply offended that the Democrats wanted an investigation into a rape allegation. According to the Washington Examiner:

“I honestly think, because I have been talking about this all weekend, that Kavanaugh really changed the game for a lot of Republicans, myself included. I was completely radicalized by the experience of watching him testify. I mean, there were accusations of him being someone who had been part of a gang rape gang and accusations that were completely baseless, and it showed that Democrats on their side will do anything and everything to smear any conservative,” McCain said on The View.

Excuse us. We rarely do this. Fck you, Meghan.

The Democrats didn’t accuse Kavanaugh of raping Christine Blassey-Ford, Dr. Ford made the accusation. Second, who the fck are you to determine that the charges were “completely baseless!” Were you there? The charges were NOT completely “baseless.” At the VERY best, from your view, it got down to who one believed. If she wants to tell Blassey-Ford that it’s all baseless and a lie, tell it to Ford’s face, we dare Meghan.

Just because rapey-Kav screamed that he didn’t do it doesn’t make the charges baseless. Indeed his scream made the entitled little runt sound that much more entitled and that much more guilty. And don’t think for a second, Meghan, that we didn’t notice that Lindsey stepped in to scream JUST AS the prosecutor was about to go over the date on the calendar about “brewskies” over at a buddy’s house that aligned perfectly with Blasey-Ford’s story!

AT BEST it is “he said-she said,” and the fact that Meghan says that in those situations it’s “baseless” tells us that she’s … perfectly placed as a tried and true MAGA head. The fact that Democrats wanted it investigated (and so did Jeff Flake, you arrogant little snit) doesn’t mean they’ll do “anything,” it only means that Democrats believe that rape victims should be heard.

What Meghan is really saying is that if it’s a 30-year-old allegation of “boys being boys”  and it can’t be proven with DNA evidence, well, it’s all baseless because it’s probably all just nothing. She seems fine. But if a black man sets a dumpster on fire in protest, look out, Meghan McCain is coming after him.

And LOOK at who they’re making the VICTIM in all this. JUSTICE Kavanaugh, the guy who is, last time we looked, a SCOTUS JUSTICE with $200,000 less in credit card debt. She wants us to believe that his life is ruined. How about looking at Christine Blasey-Ford’s life!

We’re done with Meghan. She’s a MAGA head that will proudly pull Trump’s lever, you know it, we know it, and Meghan knows it. Her father would be appalled, but that’s par for the course with the MAGA heads.

F-You, Meg. And we apologize for the anger in this column but some of us have daughters and we think that when a woman says she was attacked it actually is worth investigating. No one accused Gorsuch of attacking anyone because he likely didn’t. Make of that what you will.



Peace, y’all
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