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Nation in Uproar at Twitter for NOT Taking Down Trump’s Manipulated Video: Faked Biden Playing ‘F*ck the Police’

In case you didn’t think that the Trump campaign was desperate …

On Wednesday, Trump retweeted a tweet with a video in which Democratic nominee Joe Biden appears to play “Fuck tha Police,” a protest song by hip hop group N.W.A. The video is listed as “Manipulated” on the tweet because it is … well, obviously manipulated. In the original video, Biden actually plays “Despacito,” a song by Luis Fonsi.

Now there is a problem because even though Twitter flagged the video as manipulated it didn’t take it down:

There is a little blue portion on the bottom of the original tweet that says “Manipulated Media” which doesn’t appear above. Were that the only problem. Tweets are so busy that it is hard, especially for someone new to Twitter, to even discern that there is a problem, even notice the “Manipulated Media” part. Even if one were to notice the blue sign, there are plenty of people who don’t know what manipulated media means and there are varying degrees of manipulation – “F*ck the Police” is about as manipulated as one can get.

For that reason, many are now outraged at Trump and at Twitter for allowing Trump to continually get away with repeated violations. We understand that Twitter is in a terrible spot. One could make the argument that kicking Trump off Twitter would have the exact opposite impact that people want, it might drive too many people over to a new site which won’t police Trump at all.

Still, there seems to be very little justification for not pulling this particular tweet. Trump’s only message is “What’s this all about?” and what it’s about is a lie. People are outraged that Twitter didn’t at least take it down.

And if anyone is interested in the perfect MAGA head response, it’s here. Notice the overriding joy in infuriating liberals, pissing off the liberals makes it such a time to “be alive” for this person. It is the only “issue” they care about. He can fck up everything else, kill 200K people, but if he pisses liberals off, he’s perfect:



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