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Trump Campaign Releases Financials: MUCH Worse than Thought While Biden’s Bursting with Cash


We are well aware that we owe Ruth Bader Ginsburg our solemnity through at least one weekend. Actually, we owe her a couple of weeks of mourning. But we also stand to lose a lot of what Ruth Bader Ginsburg fought for all her life if we take much time to feel sorry for ourselves and cry in our beer. We miss her, but her last words to us were a call to action, do not let Trump replace her.

Critical to that endeavor is to make Trump an endangered president, make him feel vulnerable, scared, prone to mistakes. We know that Trump only cares about money, only thinks about money, only acts out of love for money, so it’s best we all know that Trump and his campaign are very quickly running out of … money.

According to Rawstory, it is far worse (better?) than we’d heard:

Trump’s total haul for August, when he got a week’s worth of free media from the Republican convention, was just $61.7 million. The campaign spent almost all of it, $61.2 million.

Recall that the Biden campaign hauled in $300 million more than that, with an August record collection of $364 million. Doing our sixth-grade math, we get that Trump collected a mere 17% of what Biden brought in … and promptly spent it all.

It gets worse:

The [Trump] campaign still has about $900,000 in debt. His cash on hand is just $121 million in the bank.

One could say that the Trump campaign only has $120 million left, given the debt, but Trump has a long history of not paying debts. So let’s say that Trump has $120 million left. In the 24 hours after Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, the Biden campaign took in another $30 million, or one-quarter of Trump’s remaining amount.

Meanwhile, Biden has close to half a billion dollars in the bank:

You cannot buy votes. But you can certainly educate the American “tweener” voter on everything Trump has done over the last four years. We aren’t even counting the $100 million that Bloomberg has pledged to win Florida.

This is why we see fantastic, hard-hitting, Biden ads on NFL games, the highest-rated shows on television right now. It is also why we’ll see people hired in critical places (Miami!) to help people get to the polls.

Money cannot buy happiness but it sure does make life easier and Biden needs every advantage he can get right now. That’s a big one.


Peace, y’all
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