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Trump Supporters Slam Kamala Harris for Stealing Melania Trump’s Look, ‘Melania Wore Them First!’

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) decided to visit California’s fire-ravaged areas and Trump supporters saw this as the perfect opportunity to slam her for supposedly copying Melania Trump’s style. That’s right, people are criticizing Harris for this while somehow not remembering that in 2016, Melania Trump very likely plagiarized Michelle Obama’s Democratic National Convention speech.

MailOnline reports that the Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee walked alongside Governor Gavin Newsom through the devastated Creek fire and visited a Red Cross evacuation center Tuesday. While here, she talked about the effects of climate change on the deadly fires but social media users only seemed to notice her $140 Timberland boots, which she wore with a white shirt, green jacket, and jeans.

Melania wore Timberland boots when she visited troops stationed at the Al Asad Air Base in Iraq in 2018. And now the sight of Harris in the same camel-colored boots is causing Trump-supporting Twitter users to go mental.

“Melania wore them first,” one noted.

Another noted: “Soooo… Kamala Harris is doing her best to rip off Melania’s style now… and failing.”

And, at least when it comes to Kamala Harris and her fashion choices, it seems like there are several dumb Twitter users for every intelligent one.

It’s worth remembering that Melania has been criticized for dumb fashion choices — you know, for wearing stiletto heels for planting trees and while visiting Houston, Texas, in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in 2018. And she’s been deservedly criticized for wearing that abomination of a jacket that bore the slogan “I Don’t Really Care, Do U?” while visiting immigrant children at a Texas detention center.

Funny how these Trump-supporting bigots never question why someone one would demonstrate such obvious disdain for children imprisoned and separated from their parents but then get bent-out-of shape at Kamala Harris for wearing the same boots. Harris is at least talking about climate change.

Does Melania ever do that? Since her husband has called climate change a hoax?

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