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Chris Cuomo and Ted Cruz Explode in Off-the-Rails Interview, ‘Trump Said Your Wife Was Ugly!’

Ted Cruz went to CNN on Wednesday night ready to discuss one issue. Cruz wanted to talk about the fact that Donald Trump simply destroyed everything in front of him on Tuesday, including Joe Biden – and that was the goal. Cruz didn’t want to discuss the actual issues debated. To be fair to Ted, if he had to focus on issues he’d have run out of material in about thirty seconds because all people remember about the debate is Trump being a madman screaming hysterically at both Wallace and Biden.

So Cruz took the position that the entire point of having a debate is to scream as loudly and aggressively as one can, thus creating maximum havoc and chaos. Therefore, Trump won.

The conversation had already been fiery because Cuomo noted that Cruz had blocked the pre-existing conditions bill in congress when Cruz whined that Democrats had filibustered everything else and didn’t want to pass legislation, Cuomo hit one out of the park, asking if the Democrats had read Green Eggs and Ham – something Cruz had done when … filibustering a Democratic bill.

After Cruz whined that Cuomo didn’t want to talk about real issues (Cuomo said he just wanted to note the hypocrisy), Cuomo brought up the Proud Boys and the “Stand Back and Stand By” line, and Trump’s refusal to renounce white supremacy. Cruz immediately brought up what all Republicans bring up in racially charged situations, Robert Byrd and that Biden spoke at Byrd’s funeral. Byrd had long since renounced racism.

Then they got to COVID and it got¬†really¬†ugly because Republicans cannot talk COVID anymore without attacking NY Governor Cuomo, who happens to be CNN Cuomo’s brother.

One can’t capture the feud that ensued, so we’ll just leave this here for people to soak up.

It was ugly enough that it ran in two parts:


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