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Eric Trump Agrees With His Father, Says Kamala Harris is a ‘Monster’ Who ‘Lies Every Day’

Last week President Donald Trump twice called Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris (Calif.) a “monster” in reference to her debate performance against Vice President Mike Pence, and his sentiments are being backed up by his son Eric Trump, who like his father, makes bizarre claims and spreads misinformation faster than any coronavirus can travel.

But earlier this week, the younger Trump was defending his father, who made this particularly obnoxious claim while discussing Harris’s debate performance.

“This monster that was onstage with Mike Pence, who destroyed her last night (in what world?), by the way,” Trump said in a phone interview on Fox Business. “This monster, she says, ‘no-no, there won’t be fracking, there won’t be this. Everything she said is a lie.”

Well he’s a fine one to talk now, isn’t he? Mr. Lies-With-Every-Breath-He-Takes, Mr. Man of 20,000 lies. So now it’s time for Eric Trump to the rescue, who turned all shouty (enough so to be “muted” at some points) during a Sunday interview with Jonathan Karl, on ABC’s This Week program, according to Indy100. And like so many things involving the Trump family, things went from bizarre to weird rapidly.

Like father, like son, the younger Trump refused to condemn his father’s attacks on Harris and fired both barrels at Karl, claiming Harris wants to abolish law enforcement. Karl fired back, saying he was mischaracterizing her stances.

“She’s called to abolish law enforcement, she’s, you know, compared members of ICE to the KKK in a congressional hearing, she wants to take away 180 million private health care plans in this country. Last week, she was coming out, literally, she wanted to limit the amount of red meat that Americans could eat,” he said.

“I think you’ve mischaracterized her positions in that litany,” Karl responded, a note of incredulity in his voice.

But he may as well have been saying that to the air because the younger Trump stubbornly maintained that Harris and Joe Biden continue to lie and want to abolish law enforcement. He even at one point mistakenly said that while dear old dad was in the hospital he was given a non-existent vaccine for COVID-19.

“My father literally started day one creating this vaccine, he worked to push this vaccine and now my father just took it,” Trump said. “You see how well he took it.”

By that point, Karl sounded even more incredulous, because a vaccine for this has yet to be invented.

“Can you clarify that? You said your father just took a vaccine?” and noted seconds later “the therapeutics.”

This interview definitely went off-the-rails, and it was captured quite aptly by Vox journalist Aaron Rupar in his Twitter feed.

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