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Jake Tapper Absolutely Loses It Over Trump’s Qanon Lies, ‘What the Actual F?!’

It is near impossible for us to remember when we started writing about Q-Anon, and – to be honest – we didn’t write that much because it seemed to be a topic in which our readers were not the least interested. Y’all won. Sort of. We’re here to serve.

It wasn’t a topic worth discussing, at all, if you didn’t want to hear it. Until it became enough of a thing that Trump was retweeting quite obvious “Q-Anon” stuff, adopting some conspiracy theories. Then it became a topic that we must discuss because, despite the fact that Trump is promoting what was always a dangerous movement, one like the type that got a pizza place shot up in DC, it actually becomes news you need to know. Because like David Duke and like White Supremacy, Trump simply refuses to condemn the most condemnable people on Earth.

AND – Several GOP “Q-Anon” believers WILL be in Congress next year. Congrats GOP.

Why does Trump refuse to condemn them?

Because they support him 100% without question. So what is it worth to him “personally” (because it is always “personal” and has nothing to do with the fate of the nation) to put groups like this down? After all, to do so might cost him .5% of the vote in rural Michigan, and if that .5% vote costs ten lives in a shoot-out between Q-Anon and some Democrats simply wanting respect, well – that’s the price one pays to win, you know?

According to Mediaite, Jake Tapper has had it with Trump so obviously lying about not knowing who these people are:

CNN’s Jake Tapper had a literal WTF moment on his show, The Lead, Friday afternoon, absolutely incredulous that the President of the United States was having such a struggle denouncing the QAnon conspiracy cult.

Did we mention that these people believe Dem leaders eat babies?

Tapper brought up President Donald Trump’s comments at Thursday’s town hall, where once again he shrugged off his retweet of an insane QAnon conspiracy theory that the Obama administration had faked killing Osama bin Laden and murdered our own Navy SEALs, and refused to denounce them, claiming “I don’t know anything” about them but he had heard that they were “very strongly against child trafficking.

(We might add, by certain people, Democrats only, because even though we’re all “against” such things, we’d give up Obama if he were into it – we just know he’s not.)

Tapper was tired of Trump’s faux-idiocy:

“like he’s an ally of bigots…. “has been given several really softball opportunities to knock down white supremacists, to knock down QAnon,” but had failed to do so. (FAILED FAILED FAILED) … “‘I don’t know that and neither do you know that.’” Tapper quoted Trump, the disgust clear on his face. “He is talking about whether or not the nation is secretly run by a cabal of Satan worshipping, cannibalistic child traffickers.”

“‘I don’t know that and neither do you’?” Tapper said again, glancing off-camera. “I mean, what the actual F, Phillip?”

Well, now that’s an interesting question because there are only two legitimate answers:

a. He knows exactly who they are but knows that they’re maybe 10-20% of his vote (which is simply beyond belief, except not when all things are considered) and he ain’t about to give up that kind of vote.


b. He thinks that there might well be some truth to it because this guy is conspiracy through and through, and thinks that everyone is conspiring with everyone at the level he conspires. So if there are tapes out there with him enjoying … “water sports?” with women, then why not stuff out there with Dems …

Damn it. It is that he does NOT care one way or another. He is not going to give up one vote and it doesn’t matter what it does to the nation. In fact, that is the LEAST of his worries.



Peace, y’all
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