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Stephen Miller Plotting Even More Extreme and Evil Anti-Immigrant Executive Order’s in Trump’s 2nd Term

In case you ever wondered if Stephen Miller, a senior adviser to President Donald Trump, is a reptile, I’ll offer you this: He’s salivating over the idea that he may be able to impose a treasure trove of “shock-and-awe” executive orders should his boss be reelected.

These are orders that according to former Homeland Security Department chief-of-staff Miles Taylor characterizes as policies considered too unpopular for a president seeking a second term, The Guardian reports.

Under Trump, Miller has implemented especially strict immigration policies that have closed successive doors for immigration and some people aren’t just worried about another four years of Trump, they are also worried about another four years of Miller.

He’s managed to hang on to his position as a senior adviser to Trump even after his ties to white nationalism were revealed and his name is virtually synonymous with Trump’s policy of separating families at the border, causing thousands of children to be taken from their parents in cruel efforts to deter migrants. Some three years later the parents of more than 500 children have yet to be found.

The immigration situation looks to become even harsher if Trump is reelected, notes Jean Guerrero, author of the Miller biography Hatemonger.

“There’s a number of things they have been cautious about because of the legal and political risks in the first term and I think that in a second you would see Stephen Miller get much freer reign when it comes to his wishlist of items.”

Some of the items will likely include attempts to eliminate birthright citizenship, making it harder to pass the U.S. citizenship test, ending the program that protects immigrants from being deported back to crisis-plagued countries, and plunging refugee admissions to zero.

Miller is a special kind of cruel, a man whom Hitler would probably admire, serving in an administration whose failure to adequately address a raging pandemic led to the death of his own grandmother.

And while I’ve called Miller a reptile, I’m going to add here that I’m very fond of reptiles. They are survivors that hark back to an ancient world that came into existence long before humans. Nevertheless, Miller’s teeth are showing.

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