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Steve Bannon Claims Trump Will Name Rudy Giuliani as Interim Director of the FBI

President Donald Trump is in a sour mood because Attorney General Bill Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray have not publically announced an investigation into Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, or his associates, aides told The Washington Post. Trump has reportedly been talking about firing Wray and some officials are concerned he may also oust Barr.

The aides told the Post that Trump is “increasingly frustrated” that Wray and Barr have “not delivered his campaign the kind of last-minute boost that the FBI provided in 2016,” per Salon.

Apparently, Trump hasn’t learned you don’t get what you want just because you want it. This is all surrounding Hunter Biden’s involvement with a Ukrainian gas company. But in an op-ed for the Post, foreign affairs columnist David Ignatius notes:

“The story of Hunter Biden’s involvement with the Ukrainian gas company Burisma isn’t a scandal about his father, as the Trump campaign claims, but part of a personal tragedy for the vice president’s son, compounded by this week’s dissemination of what looks like disinformation about Joe Biden’s role.”

Ignatius hits the nail on the head:

“What’s clear beyond the false scandal-mongering, has been evident for years: Hunter Biden made a mistake getting involved with a dubious company like Burisma,” he writes. “But the notion that the Burisma affair undermines Joe Biden’s case to be president is, as he would say, malarkey.”

Now, however, some of Trump’s minions are jumping in; especially Steve Bannon, who’s calling for Wray’s firing or his resignation at the very least, Media Matters for America reports. Incredibly (well, maybe not so much since this is Steve Bannon after), he wants Borat sidekick Rudy Giuliani to be the new FBI director.

And he said so on his program War Room.

“We have called for, since last Thursday when the New York Post story broke, for either the — Rudy Giuliani said it first, that Wray should resign,” Bannon said. “I say he should be fired if he couldn’t answer the questions. The Washington Post broke a big scoop that the president is thinking about Wray. Note to Washington Post, you’ve got to get an intern to start watching the show because you’re missing something, that’s not a scoop, that’s stale, right? I’ve got a scoop for you, though. I think the interim — they’re going to fire Wray. Wray’s done.”

Then he seemed to be talking to Wray directly.

“You’re going to be fired,” Bannon said. “You can take that to the bank and cash it. You’re going to be fired, okay? You’re going to be fired. I’m going to break some news here. I think the interim — I think the interim director of the FBI is going to be Rudy Giuliani and his wingman is going to be Ric Grenell.”

In a sense, we can fire Bannon and Giuliani by actually firing Trump in November. All we have to do is vote for Joe Biden. Won’t it be nice not to see Bannon or Giuliani’s face again?

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