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The Adult-Film World is Rather Mad at Melania Trump for ‘Slut-Shaming’ Stormy Daniels

As the argument between Melania Trump and Stormy Daniels lingers, several adult film stars have come forward to defend Daniels, President Donald Trump’s alleged former mistress.

Last week the argument flared up when Melania’s former friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff released an audiotape in which the two can be heard discussing the fact that Daniels was chosen over the First Lady as a cover story for Vogue magazine.

“Go Google it and read it, Annie Liebovitz shot the p*rn hooker, and she will be in one of the issues,” Melania is heard saying. This confused Wolkoff because she didn’t know who Melania was referring to. That’s when she found out the First Lady was referring to Daniels.

Whom, it should be noted, fired back with a deadly but accurate tweet:

Oooh, that’s gotta sting.

Several adult film stars didn’t fail to note the hypocrisy of Melania’s comments. After all, Melania’s internet-famous for her nude photos, which are frequently the subject of memes. Some within the nude modeling/sex worker community believe Melania’s a bit jealous because, according to Aurora Snow, writing for The Daily Beast, “for the first time in history, a mainstream iconic fashion magazine prioritized an adult actress over the FLOTUS, who coincidentally has a background in modeling, and all because of whom she had sex with. That’s gotta hurt.”

Melania has remained quiet since the situation was made public, which is pretty typical for her. But this, Snow notes, was a situation that Melania could have used to elevate other women, especially since jealousy and insecurity aren’t uncommon emotions. She didn’t do that, however. Instead “she further stigmatized one of the few communities that knows what it’s like to be in her shoes,” Snow adds.

“P*rn hooker? Way to be redundant. But hey, it takes one to know one,” said adult film star Sara St. Clair. “I mean, she married her sugar daddy… People can justify anything to make themselves feel better. Maybe in her mind, she didn’t do p*rn because it was just nude pictures. In our industry, some girls only do girl/girl because they can mentally justify it as they aren’t being penetrated,” she added, referring to Melania’s nude poses with another woman.

Women have long been fighting against gender norms and for autonomy over their own bodies, and Snow notes that “slut-shaming like this is one giant step backwards.

“Especially when it comes from those in leadership roles,” she writes.

“I was truly shocked to hear someone in society with such a high title, someone who the public should be turning to for some type of compassion, could be so cold and heartless against her own gender!” said adult star Valentina Jewels, 22. “It’s not like women have it hard enough already. Singling out Stormy Daniels and calling her derogatory terms is just complete irresponsibility and lack of respect from Melania.”

But if there’s anything we’ve come to find out about Melania, it’s that she’s in many ways just like her husband. She really has little compassion for anyone and she’s just as racist as Donald Trump is. So if her husband loses on November 3, let’s hope she returns to relative obscurity where she belongs.

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