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Trump Claims That Joe Biden Will Eliminate the 2nd Amendment at Crazy Rally (Which Will Never Happen)

Do you remember when Bill Clinton’s administration tried to repeal the 2nd Amendment?

There was an assault weapons ban at the time – not all that controversial, but it was allowed to expire in the 200os. That assault weapons ban is so old now that today’s generation of Republicans believe it would be unconstitutional. They have a personal 2nd Amendment right to their AR-15 that can – with a bumpstock – shoot 100 shells per minute, killing many, ask the kids down at MSD High in Parkland. Do you remember the Obama administration trying to take all their guns away, even after a person took … an AR-15 into an elementary school and shot up 20-30 babies? Yes, the Democrats tried to pass some sensible reforms that were supported by about 80% of the American public. They did not try to take guns away.

We don’t remember either of these Democratic administrations coming in to take all the gunz.  That doesn’t matter, because, “I’ll tell y’all right now, what they’s sayin’ at the rally down in Carolina. The DemoRATS are fixin’ to cancel that 2nd Amendment, and you know it, whether they say it or not, for real this time.”

When a Republican needs votes to cut the taxes of people making 8 figures or ensure the company has to spend less money following fewer regulations and get incomes up to nine figures, they scare people who make one figure per hour with gunz or abortion, every time:

The Supreme Court cannot eliminate an amendment you stupid fck! They can interpret that Amendment, perhaps they’ll interpret it like Scalia did and say that society sure can limit guns outside the home, yesiree. They just cannot limit gunz inside the home. Scalia specifically said that society had an interest in limiting the scope of weapons that can be carried around in public.

The right-wing wants you to believe they have a “personal 2nd Amendment right.” They do not. The 2nd Amendment is not a personal right. Want to know how to prove it? Commit a felony, anywhere, any time, of any kind, see what happens to your “personal 2nd Amendment right” as far as the federal government is concerned. You lose your right to carry, own, whatever, a firearm, bullets, for protection, for sport, for whatever, for the rest of your life. Not just until the end of your sentence, probation, fines, etc. You lose it for the rest of your life.

Once your probation/parole/all that is over, your 2nd Amendment right remains gone. Once you complete your sentence, probation, all that, you regain your Fourth Amendment Rights, you never lost your 5th, you never lost your 6th or 7th or 8th, you damn sure never lost your First nor 14th – those are personal rights. But you can lose your 2nd Amendment right. That’s because it’s not personal, it’s a societal thing. Be careful making too good an argument with a MAGA, though.


Peace, y’all
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