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Trump is Actually on Twitter Whining That Fox News Isn’t Giving Him Enough Love — While Covid Sweeps the Nation

There are two things of which we can be absolutely sure. First, there would never have been a Trump presidency without Fox News and second, Trump would have been impeached and removed, easily – without a Fox News covering him. Despite this gift that no previous president ever enjoyed (Was Sean Hannity talking to George W. Bush late at night by phone from the White House?), Donald Trump, like all narcissists, isn’t happy. He feels wronged by Fox News because they’re not doing enough to lift him over the top.

Trump is also setting up his excuses should he lose, those will be critical, and Fox News will take some serious heat from the MAGAs if Trump loses. But Trump isn’t waiting to lose to whine, there is still time to try to squeeze out more support from Fox:

“They are a whole different deal.”

How? Is Fox and Friends less friendly in the morning? It sure doesn’t feel that way to me. What about that evening lineup? Hannity, Tucker, Ingraham? They all seem awfully Trump-friendly to us. Is there something we’re missing here? Or is it that Fox simply isn’t reporting that Trump has basically already won and there’s nothing left but the litigation and fighting to do?

We really are at a loss here as to explain his animosity. We do know that Murdoch is very wary of Trump for the sole reason that Donald Trump, at any point in time, could have something come out that would humiliate and delegitimize any channel that has been “all in” for the guy since day one. As an example, if it came out that he was in hock to Russian mobsters for $900 million (which can impact foreign relations) or something else, that would embarrass the Murdoch family. Additionally, ratings often go up when one is the channel complaining about the person in power over being the channel supporting the person in power.

Whatever his reason, Trump is furious with Fox – there is a lot Trump can be tweeting about today – the fact that he’s mad at Fox tells us that everything else in his tweet is dead wrong.


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