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Trump ‘Joked’ About Being Called a ‘Fascist,’ then Basked in Chants of ’12 More Years!’ at Michigan Rally

The U.S. Constitution is a bit unique around the world in that it strictly limits how long a person can serve as president. Most parliamentary systems don’t really need a rule because the leader of the party becomes “prime minister,” and then there are those countries that can write whatever they want, if someone wants to be “El Presidente” they best be ready to kill the one that’s in office and ahhh, assume duties. Some examples of those last ones would be MBS of Saudi Arabia, count Kim Jung-Un in that crowd, and – of course, Trump’s ultimate buddy, Putin over in Russia.

Trump has been called a fascist, for damned good reason. He has thumbed his nose at Congress and their subpoenas, basically telling them all to go to hell when it came to witnesses, and then FIRED the guy that was a witness, and – just to send a Putin-like message – his twin brother, who wasn’t even involved. Trump thinks he can sign orders saying that in the United States, pre-existing conditions will be covered as a “policy,” whatever the hell that means to Blue Cross, who might say “Well, that may be U.S. policy, it just doesn’t happen to be Blue Cross Policy.” It takes a law.

So Trump acts like a fascist, but never more than those times when he acts as though the constitution is just a suggestion for others but “real men” like himself will make decisions for themselves, like the peaceful transition of power thing. “Well, they were terrible to me!” (They were not, Hilary conceded that night despite having millions of more votes). The other way that Trump likes to act like a fascist is to pretend the two-term limit is just a suggestion, especially if in one’s determination, the other side was ‘mean.”

Tonight, Trump was at his finest hypocritical self:

According to Mediaite:

“If you are a moderate Democrat or liberal, who knows,” Trump continued, “your party has gone totally off the rails. You have a moral duty to immediately stop this lunacy. You must by law join the Republican Party. We then welcome you to the Republican Party and the party of Abraham Lincoln. You know, I say that. A lot of people don’t know that.”

Let’s check “the law” on that and … nope, no-obligation at all about parties. In fact, the founders hated the idea of political parties and none wanted any. We suppose that’s why a lot of people don’t know that particular “wrong fact.” A lot of people don’t know a lot of things that aren’t true. We don’t know the Earth goes around Jupiter.

But that doesn’t stop our guy, who then went full fascist:

“The party of Trump!” someone in the crowd yelled, and Trump laughed and repeated it as the crowd began to chant, “Four more years! Four more years!”

“Now you really drive them crazy if you say twelve more years, twelve more years,” said Trump, as the crowd cheered. “Then they say “he is a fascist! He is a fascist!’”

As they had been cued, the crowd began chanting “Twelve more years! Twelve more years!” just as loud as before as Trump grinned.

“What a group, only in Michigan, only in Michigan.

Only in Michigan and only certain people in Michigan. Many others in Michigan have elected some of the most professional and competent women we have seen from any state and they’ll stand up to any fascist that comes their way.

But again, pay close attention to when Trump tells the truth. That’s when he’s most dangerous. He wants those 12 years and he wants that fascism, have no doubt.


Peace, y’all
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