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Trump Says Kamala Harris Doesn’t Know How to Pronounce Her Own Name

Trump sure knows how to close out a campaign with some winning arguments, gotta give him that. This morning we wrote about him wanting Miles Taylor jailed and the New York Times sued. Great platform. If anything, he got worse throughout the day. He wants to talk about how Kamala Harris pronounces her first name.

From Mediaite:

“How about Harris? Kamala, Kamala,” Trump said at a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, repeating himself for effect. “You have to say her name right or she gets very upset, right? Even though she doesn’t say it right, you know.”

The comment was a reference to footage of Harris at a campaign event in Ohio on Tuesday. “Are we in Cleveland?” Harris could be heard asking an aide, before grabbing a bullhorn and saying, “Hey Cleveland, it’s Kamala, I just came to say thank you!”

This is an election in which we are going to decide whether to go back to “normal United States,” where we talk about health care, the economy, the president makes sense, and our president doesn’t seem to be in love with the world’s worst leaders and hangs out more with Abe from Japan, Trudeau from Canada, Macron in France, those types – they say you’re known by the company you keep. This jackass is keeping some really creepy company. That’s what’s at stake.

So as we close out the last few days – last 72 hours now (basically) prior to official election day, most of us couldn’t give a fck if Kamala said “the ‘K’ is actually silent, it’s like Amala Harris. So get it right, Ronald Turnip”

But that’s the way Trump has rolled through his entire administration, focusing upon himself and what he finds funny – as his own TV show – and not particularly concerned with making sure that what he did helped anyone or made the world better. That’s precisely how you end up with 25% of the world’s COVID deaths. You worry more about Big 10 football than say … the travel industry or masks.

So even though the “name thing” is not a big deal (candidates say stupid shit about each other all the time), it is symbolic of everything wrong with Trump.

Peace, y’all
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