Trump to Address How He Will Keep Senior Citizens Safe … At a Large Indoor Rally

We have learned so much about this disease in the 10 months we have been dealing with it.

It doesn’t spread itself very well by touch. For whatever reason, this thing just doesn’t like hanging out on coke bottles that then get scanned by the man at Seven-Eleven. It also doesn’t seem to particularly like outdoor events all that much, especially if people kinda keep apart. But for whatever reason, this disease is hungrily contagious, viciously contagious, as contagious as any seen, when indoors, with people packed together, and mouths open.

Additionally, this disease isn’t like some that are too fatal, there are some viruses that can kill within 2-3 days, easily, but they have a hard time being spread around, having put their victim on the ground fairly quickly. This virus likes to take its time to make an announcement that it has arrived and is ready to do damage. Ironically, anyone exposed today is likely 10 days or so away from a hospital stay.

All of which means that there is no more perfect event to spread this virus than a Trump rally – nothing that we’ve found is more efficient, perhaps if the Beatles got back together and did a concert somewhere, maybe.

Yet Trump has a message he needs to get to seniors. Trump is the man whom seniors can count upon to protect them! Not senior Joe Biden.

The single most efficient means to endanger the elderly right now – outside of trauma – is by participating in, or organizing, large indoor rallies in which masks will be optional. We wish the danger was limited to the people attending the rally, even though that would be tragic enough regardless. But each of those people are going out into the community, and they now believe that the virus is “cured” or “curable” – so they will even less cautious.

This is outrageous, it is reckless, and it is a president who is putting more people in danger by the day. The sooner he is out of office, the sooner the country will start to heal.


Peace, y’all
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