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Watch the Moment Trump Storms Off During Lesley Stahl Interview Over ‘Tough Questions’

We knew it went bad, real bad. Remember after the Axios Swan interview, Trump thought it went well, and yet it went historically bad? For Trump to recognize that this one was going bad during the interview it was going epically bad, bad like never happened before in a presidential interview. According to Mediate, we now have what the hell it was that set Trump off:

After Stahl asked him what will he do if Vice President Joe Biden wins the presidency and then decides to prosecute Trump for his actions, Trump denied making critical comments about Attorney General Bill Barr not taking greater action against his political foes — despite having done so on numerous occasions. Shortly after that, Stahl acknowledged Trump’s hostility throughout the interview, at which point, Trump complained about how she “inappropriately brought up” numerous tough topics during their discussion.

Donald, “Sir,” that actually “isn’t” that tough a question. Unless someone is really scared that it’s really possible that someone might be prosecuted after someone loses the election, that’s actually a really straightforward question. “Of course, not. We have pushed the envelope. I am not a politician. But we never broke any laws.” Next question.

But boy if that is what is bothering a guy, that can be a “tough question.”

Trump then whined, literally, like a third grader! “You asked me all the hard questions, but THAT kid, the teachers’ favorite, never gets asked shit about his hundreds of millions in loans with Deutsche Bank and who backs them up, not ONCE. Plus, no one asked HIM what’s on his taxes or his health! What the fck? Treat him with kid gloves!” Okay, that’s not a direct quote, but direct enough.

Last, NO ONE ever asked Biden about his son saying that they get all the money they need out of Russia, Hunter was in the middle of some crazy shit, and no one asked him anything about it, but everyone wants to know who’s backing my loans as if this matters! I have bank accounts I even forget about with tens of millions of dollars in China! How am I supposed to keep track of all this shit?


Yeah, the interview went bad.


Peace, y’all
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