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Far Right Twitter Alternative ‘Parler’ Hacked and Personal Information is Everywhere

Everyone reading this column knows exactly what Parler is and what its founders intended when they set it up. Some people were angry that Twitter didn’t want to be a cesspool of racism, conspiracy theories, and disgusting right-wing memes and thus Twitter policed its site and pull offensive posts. Twitter did it to protect the 95% of its users that didn’t want to see that stuff while surveying people’s posts, that’s a fairly important part of any business plan. So Twitter pulled stuff, almost all of it from the far right because, well, that’s the valley in which the cesspool boggs down.

What to do?

Why you set up a site that is the opposite of Twitter and advertise it as a “free speech site” with most of the free speech of the type that was banned by Twitter. Discussion that wouldn’t be banned on Twitter stayed on Twitter. You see, most people on Parler still had their Twitter accounts. When they could write a message that wouldn’t burst into flames, they put it on Twitter. The inflammatory shit that would infuriate most sensible people went straight to Parler, where people would appreciate “free speech,” especially that speech.

Thus, those “dual users” have an acute interest in keeping their Parler membership secret. There’s no real “good” reason to have a Parler account, not from the normal world’s view. So any problem with their privacy would be a big issue. Today they have a problem with their privacy and it’s a big issue.

Kevin Abosch is associated with the New York Times and would likely not put his reputation on the line by posting something he hasn’t confirmed.


So this has make quite a stir on the internet:

We don’t know if Ivanka has a Parler account.

Yep. Couldn’t happen to a nicer crowd.

This could, and should, destroy Parler.


Peace, y’all
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